The Thinking of Rich and Poor People

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Many people think that to get rich is to just work hard. Many people work hard, but are not rich. This article shows the mental part of it that makes one rich or poor.

Why some people are Sucessful an others are not

Why some people are Sucessful and others are not. Have you ever wondered why some people have the natural ability to easily attract and accumulate wealth, while others constantly struggle and never get anywhere? Why some people do and others don’t has fascinated me all my life, as have the underlying consciousness dynamics of ’rich’ thinking and ’poor’ thinking about success, money and abundance.

In my quest to uncover the reasons, I’ve read many books and have been an avid observer of people - the successful and not so successful. The two groups of people have distinctly different mindsets, belief systems, and approaches to life and
living. It’s as though they see the world through two very different sets of colored glasses. The good news is that you can change your mindset, with concerted and consistent focus and application.

Let’s examine the key signs that differentiate both groups. In the process, let’s take it a step further and I’d also like to offer some practical action steps you can take to change the way you think, what you do, and the results you achieve.

There are 5 specific steps that I’ve identified that can drive you to rich thinking. I’m going to cover three today and send you the next two tomorrow.

Be Very Clear About What You Want ~ Verus ~ Don't Know What You Want

When you have a ’rich’ mindset, you have grand ’vision’ and see with crystal clarity what you want to achieve, and believe you will achieve it with all your heart. It starts at the ideas phase, you then nurture it, develop it, ’feel’ it as if it’s happening ’now’, and live and breathe it,
until it becomes your reality. You get excited about it and your passion and natural enthusiasm is so infectious it rubs off on others and enables them to see your vision too, and they get swept-up in your excitement.

Conversely, with a ’poor’ mentality you may not be clear, or even more sadly, you don’t know what you want. You’ve succumbed to the conditioning about stereotypes and boxes you ’should’ fit into that you’ve been fed throughout your life. This has blurred your connection with going for and achieving the best in your life. You may entertain some dreams, but either you lack confidence in yourself, fear failure, or are concerned about what family and friends may say, or that they may shoot down or ridicule what you want to do - the "tall poppy syndrome".

Success Tip

It’s the saddest thing to wander through life not knowing what you want. So, take the time to get clear and define what you want. Get visual and graphic about it by using a picture or vision board to compile your ’mind movie’ about your dream life.

Have ’positive beliefs’ around money, wealth and abundance ~ verses ~ ’negative beliefs.’

We acquire our beliefs early in life from our parents, upbringing, peers, and environment. It takes a healthy level of self-awareness to know what beliefs drive and influence your life. It is oh so worthwhile taking the time to clarify this for yourself.

The ’rich’ mindset rides high on the wavelength that believes - "everything I touch turns to gold", "there’s plenty enough out there for all and I’m going to get mine",
"money is easy and just energy, an exchange for value" ... Negative beliefs about money may be along the lines of - "there’s never enough", "it doesn’t come my way", "as soon as it comes in, it goes out", "if only I just had enough to pay the bills" ...

Be aware - and beware - of potentially contradictory beliefs - "I want the success and wealth, but maybe I’ll get stressed out, have to work too hard, get drawn into more than I want to and can do, I’ll lose my freedom, maybe it’ll go belly up, and then what?" Watch your ’buts’ as they are clues to your inner conflicts


This thinking sends confusing mixed messages out into the Universe that will be taken literally, dissipate your original intention, and get you more of the negative side of the equation coming your way.


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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
4th Jun 2011 (#)

Hi,Jak2010. It is an interesting article. I love it. I am a teacher too and I am from Bandung. Maybe you will like my writing on "Poverty creates Young Beggar", Read it through on Wikinut. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar jak2010
4th Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks, Yes, I saw some of your articles, but did not take to time read them all. I will do now. Thanks for your comment and please make me your friend.

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
5th Jun 2011 (#)

Surely, Jak. Let's promote our writings and be friends. Best regards.

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author avatar jak2010
5th Jun 2011 (#)

Thanks, Lila.

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