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The first thing when I think of business is the title I gave this series and sections of article. I would have just called it "A Big Game", but that title is not specific enough for what I am talking about here. In fact, I can say that the title I gave this article is perfect for what I am going to write about here.

Wells Fargo did the game/business wrong, they played poker outside of the poker table

Let me give you the moral of this story before I type it: Do not play poker and let your morals become fuzzy outside the theater of war or the poker table, you will pay for it, and pay big.

I met this girl who worked at Wells Fargo at a bus stop in Redondo Beach, California on the way home from a gathering a few months ago, a gathering I go to every week there. I saw her all the time at this bus stop, the first and last time she talked to me, she tried to get me to get an account at that bank (Wells Fargo Bank), and I said a very polite "no, thank you" and "that's okay" to all she offered when she did talk to me about getting an account at that bank.

Flash forward a few months: Wells Fargo bank is in a giant scandal involving fraudulent sales goals and inflated account ratings, and that kind of thing.

The moral to this section is: No matter how good, prosperous or slick dishonesty looks, in the end, you have to pay for it "eye for eye, tooth and nail" and the rest of it. I would love to sit here and tell you that "life is easy to win at if you bluff enough", but I cannot. I will tell you this though: Although there is a certain amount of skill and alertness required to living, dishonesty never really works and if you practice it genuinely, self sabotage is automatic at some level.

Listen, I will now refute a famous statement: Greed and avarice are not good, but having enough to live on and live on wonderfully is. I have nothing against abundance, peace, plenty and the like, but it cannot be done wrong, at too high a cost in comparison to the benefit. High cost and low benefit lead to destruction, no matter how "cleverly done". Look at Enron Energy Corporation.

"The Winners"

Everyone wants to win, but who wants to honestly train to genuinely win without short cuts or cheating. Human nature wants the easiest point from A to B. It is that rare consciousness that understands what it takes to genuinely win through genuine effort.

My approach to life is simple, yet the most powerful thing there ever was: The hard way is the easy way, and the so-called easy way (or phony "creative way") is always the hardest way of all, especially considering all the stories that come true about "slow tortoise versus fast hare" and we know who always loses in every variation of that story, do we not?

Listen, the person who can is the person who genuinely goes through it. After all, as George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff once put it, "only conscious suffering has any value". I do not think that he meant actual suffering, but I am convinced that he meant the person that takes not short cuts and does not play games with life trying to cheat it and ultimately cheat themselves.

I think of the title of a section of Richard Bandler's in his book "Get The Life You Want" and that section is "Getting Through It". We all have to get through life somehow in a genuine way or it means nothing. Indeed, the real winners are those who genuinely get through it without seeking to cheat in any way. All the rest pay a genuinely higher price.

The Devil Outwitted

Drifting through life, business and all, and seeking to be a cheater is not any way to live. We all love the mountaintop, but flying up there by helicopter or chopper and saying it was "like a climb" is still cheating in a sense.

When I read Napoleon Hill's Second book "Outwitting The Devil" edited by Sharon Lechter, I understood immediately the importance of the message that there are not any real shortcuts and that it is needed to consciously be present to life without cheating, drifting or tricking our way through and patting ourselves on the back for it.

To win, we have to start by genuinely being present. What do you think Ben Vereen realized that finally got him through to genuine super stardom in acting, dancing and performing at least? Sure, I am not mentioning his personal life, but in his profession and as in all of our professions, we can only reach our goals and do what is great when we are genuinely present to ourselves, our lives and all that we do. Actually it is the same in everything personally and professionally really. Genuine winning with reality is how we outwit the devil fully. The real loss is when we are not present, try to cheat, and drift our way through life in any way.

You know, I preach what I most need to learn, in a sense, too. Sometimes, I try to get out of household chores that I need to do, then when I realize what is happening, I do an about face and do them without cheating myself out of my own credit of a clean house. But that laziness and drifting specter haunts me like anyone, especially "when I don't want to deal with it". But, I force myself to deal with it in a disciplined way without cheating. I will end this section with, I genuinely get it.

Sometimes, the articles come out of me, but I do not want to to go through the process of editing, but if I want them to be readable and understandable, I cannot cheat myself out of good, working content. Well, you get the idea as I do.

Only the person that goes through it can get what it is all about.

What others have done, you can do too, including winning.

Being successful is a goal oriented thing, everything else is talk, commentary and babbling banter. Sure, I could have made the title less direct, but, I am going to say what I need to say because I took time out of my affirmation time to type this up to help inform you and reaffirm to myself how to genuinely win the life game.

First of all, we all have the same clothes we lost in to start to win in and change the tide of our lives. We may have the same mind, we may have the same everything, but it depends on how we use it. We usually do not need new minds, we need to use our minds in new ways that help us win.

That brings me to a point: Many of us remember the story of the Emperor's new clothes with the invisible suit that turned out to be the Emperor's "birthday suit". Also, I mention Russell Herman Conwell's story of the African farmer Ali Hafiz's acre of diamonds on his farm that he went to other places than his farm when they were on his farm all of the time which is well worth reading also. My point to all this mentioned is the difference between wishing for something different and doing something different can be as simple as using what you have in a more effective, realistic and honest way, and not taking it for granted and using all current resources right.

So, practicing what I preach is the hardest thing of all at times. Last night, I got irritated with my whole life (I admit it), and I felt like "everybody else has it better". I admit, I feel that way from time to time, and then get over it quickly, counting my genuine blessings, resources and winnings. So, like I said at the beginning: We have the same clothes to genuinely win in that we lost in. After all, happiness and winning is the progressive realization of a worthy goal, not something unearned and "easy". I know, that is a variant on what Earl Nightingale, but face it, is getting things "too easy" satisfying? No. I quote the essential words actor Peter Scolari in his award acceptance speech at the Emmy awards my Mother watched last night on September 18th, 2016: "Despite getting these self-congratulatory awards that make our lives look great and easy to the public, we still have our hard personal problems to live through after the awards."

Think about it: Reality is only satisfying when it is earned, not taken for granted and achievement is real. Everything else is nothing but prolonged torture in the guise of ease and enjoyment. In my articles, I strive to be honest and realistic, and I always strive to practice what I preach, and I catch myself when I am not practicing what I preach. My point is, I can honestly say that I am responsible for myself as you are, and perfection to me is getting it right after getting it totally wrong, and even learning from that wrong. After all, what others have done ultimately, I can do too, including winning. Plato said that normal human nature cannot be trusted. Aristotle said that happiness is the highest cause and that the logical human nature that rises above itself can be trusted. Let me be honest here: I agree with them both. But, I listen to Plato's advice and live Aristotle's reality by doing my best to rise above my "normal nature". I do not deny it, but I do my best to grow from it, and better myself. To be better is winning, to be worse is losing. So, look in the mirror for who is responsible before you accept any liberty, freedom or whatever. To rise above normality you must first fully understand it.


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