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Winning may be everything, but, when losing is temporary, winning really becomes that. When losing is seen as permanent, winning really is nothing but a concept. I want to give practical concepts here on how to genuinely win. So, here goes.

Sometimes or mostly or even all the time I look at failure and I think, success is the ultimate reversal of that

Sometimes you just have to look failure in the eye, try a few more times after that failure, and genuinely reverse the failure into success. But what do you have to do to get to that point? What do you think they really mean by the word "experience"? I will answer those questions, but first, I will motivate.

So, I would like to write an article if I may, on success, and how to really and genuinely achieve it.

In my life, it has been mostly "failure", but when I get success, I savor and dwell on it and make momentum that generates more success in that area until luck is created (not given). Note the tense of that sentence, my luck is created, not given.

In reality, no matter how advantaged you are, this is reality, luck is utilized and created, it is never given. In fact Benjamin Banneker and Thomas Jefferson have a quote attributed to them that goes like this: "The harder I work, the luckier I am." Sure, I will add to this article and this section, but I wanted to start my concept of genuine success with a "bang"! Because I want to motivate with a great attitude instead of pontificate with a bad attitude.

Be a winner, through loss

I know, that section title sounds like a "downer", but it is the most optimistic thing in existence really, because it really means "do not quit" when really thought about and understood.

Loss is really only permanent if we let it be permanent. Think about that fact for a moment. For so many that "do not make it", one big loss spoils the whole thing. For those that do make it, "all losses are temporary, play the hand properly no matter what and winning will ultimately happen".

Losing is simply training for the win for those people.

Many, many, many of the best and most repeated winners have lost so much that they cannot help but win. Take a look at the facts and you will see that I am right. Like some of the greatest home run hitters and hitters generally in baseball have the most strike out times. I am not going to make this section long, I am just giving food for start to really get this page going and this is what this and the other section before this has to do with freelancing: In reality you have to be willing to endure the worst to get the best or endure some loss experience to learn how to genuinely win properly without luck or cheating, but skill. Despite what is said despotically about luck, repeatable skill is the best way to win really, even if it takes some work. That is what the core of the meaning of the words "be a winner, through loss" really means: Productive experience creating winning through skill instead of dependence on luck or cheating. I mean luck like a lottery winner that cannot repeat their win or criminal Bernard Madoff who depended on cheating to "win repeatedly" and then get caught cheating ultimately. Earned skill and knowing what not to do and what to do through experience is always the best thing instead of cheating or luck, and that is the bottom line of reality in business, freelancing and otherwise or everything.

Relate to this:

Fail never really means "quit". We just make it mean "quit" through our fears and irrational "we cannot try again" modes. But as long as there is action, breath and life, there is a chance to do. I mean think about that fact: Realistically, quitting time is a creation of fear, laziness, and low self-esteem.

Many successes have one big success and think it stops right there.

A genuine success goes on creating even if they do fail once in a while in the time that they are creating. So, let me give you a "revolutionary" idea: Failure is just fertilizer or the experience that works for the next genuine success. The nature of reality is really self-renewing, as we can tell by the very idea of fertilizer and mulching to grow good plants. Can you relate to that reality? Can you see how this relates to the genuine nature of being an ultimate success in business instead of depending on luck and "providence" to get you through? Get creative, get persistent and all else will be added.


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10th Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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10th Dec 2015 (#)

Thanks for the invite Eva, however, I have to decline for very personal reasons. Thank you though.

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