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How to do a proper interview when hiring employees

Getting the Right Template

Too often prospective employers ask the wrong questions, judge by the wrong criterion and hire the wrong people.

Wrong people are very difficult to fire. The worst workers often plant themselves and are almost impossible to uproot.

Many of those who ought not have been hired, scored the best on the test.

This is because many tests, whether written, oral or trick are not set to match the traits required for the job.

This is not a complete treatise of how one sets a proper job interview, but should give you food for thought.

What is Important?

Some jobs require an employee interact with the public.
Some don't.

Those which require interaction demand a clear and pleasant speaking voice, a natural warmth and a very very long fuse; in fact, the inability to get frustrated and angry is necessary.

What difference does training, grades, or a resume make if all you need is a really nice person to fill the job?

Where an employee doesn't interact with the public, skills and ability and interest are key. How they look, talk, walk, means nothing. Ability is all that counts.

The best computer geeks have to be hidden because they can be scary.

Some jobs need the ability to absolutely focus on a task until it is completed.
Others need a mindless repetition.

Some jobs demand 'thinking on one's feet', while others need zombies.

When you create a job, be it a cleaner or a C.E.O. concentrate on what is important and what is not. Focus on the facets which are absolutely necessary, leaving the others.

First Contact

When it is a people oriented job the first contact with the Potential should be by phone. Hearing the voice, the fluidity of speech will tell you a lot about them.

Have the person who takes the call drop her voice so that there will be a request for repetition.

The Potential who barks, "What?" or "I can't hear you," can be told,

"The position has been filled."

The candidate who asks, "Can you please repeat that?" can be given an appointment.

When the applicatant will be hidden in a back room this test is unnecessary.

The Importance of Time

When an interview is set for 10:00 am, the person(s) who show up early are to be immediately removed to another section and start ahead of the others.

Those on time are to be led to another room.

Those who arrive after 10:10 am are to be told to come back tomorrow.

This has more than one purpose.

People who arrive early for appointments have taken contingencies into account. These people are very unlikely to wait for Thursday to start an assignment that is due on Friday. These people tend to double check.

People who arrive on time do what they are requested and seem to grasp the importance of time.

Those who show up late have poor work ethics. Telling them to come back tomorrow often leads to complaints and the display of bad attitude. Hopefully they won't come back.

This simple 'culling' is very effective.

Appearances Count

Not everyone has the money to dress out of GQ or the style sense to properly match their outfits. What you look for are clean clothes of a business style. No shorts, jeans, tee shirts, too tight, too high hemline, too lowcut;

The girl without a bra doesn't understand work is different from play. The boy who is so casual that he looks like he just left the street corner can go back there.

Hair and make up should be reasonable.

Persons who are improperly dressed should be culled immediately. There is no sense interviewing them.

Tell them to come back next week, take their number, call them the day before and cancel.

However, if this is a job requiring genius, appearances are totally unimportant.
Go directly to the skill base.

The Questionaire

Those who have passed the first hurdles are allowed to fill out the questionnaire.

Spend a little time composing this document so it fits your requirements.

If this is a job which requires written communication, an essay should be included. If one needs to have specific knowledge questions should be on point and virtually graded.

If there is no need for written communication, if the job doesn't require specific knowledge, this is a waste of paper.

Getting Insights

The Final Interview should be set so as to gain insights into the Potential. It is not to make him/her uncomfortable. The best candidates wil not subject themselves to an interrogation, decide 'later for you' and walk out.

What you're looking for is someone who can work for the company.
Nothing more.
Ask questions which circle around the position.
Ask questions from real life situations to see how they would deal with real life issues.

Temporary Employment

Hire on a temporary/part time basis. This makes it easy to fire.

Employ a number of Potentials for four hours a day or three days a week, whatever, to get a view of them in action.

If you have six jobs, hire eighteen people as part time temporary.

You will get the best six, maybe even seven employees.
People you have seen 'on the job'.

Remember; on paper and on interview are different from real workiing situations. By seeing your Potentials in action you will make the right choices.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Jun 2010 (#)

Interesting point about people who come early for interviews... made me think

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author avatar kaylar
21st Jun 2010 (#)

People who come early plan. They build extra time into their journey. When given a task, they build extra time into it as well.

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9th Aug 2018 (#)

Great article. Point about importance of time is the best one actually! Thanks.
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