The Importance of Memorial Cover Guidelines

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Funeral cover policies premiums are affordable and can mostly be tailored to your particular circumstances. So, there are single policies covering only the funeral costs of yourself, while other policies may cover your whole family, while others yet, may even include your aged parents.

In all of these circumstances payment to the family is made in 24 to 48 hours of death occurring, pending the submission of a death certificate.

This means that you can carry out funeral arrangements of your kin with the confidence of having cash in hand to pay for any services or goods.

Other than the obvious costs, such as the burial ceremony, you also have to plan for other costs, such as the flowers at the funeral, traffic regulating services (if applicable), printing of the funeral program, refreshments and snacks for the attendees and various other charges. This can quickly amount to quite a substantial amount that can catch you off-guard if you don't have an action plan in place. Funeral cover policies work on the same principle as a typical insurance policy.... The sooner you obtain the policy and start making regular payments, the better. Having funeral cover policies in many instances, may prevent financial hardship to families having to bury a loved one, due to the high costs of a funeral. In the African tradition a burial is a community issue and many people may attend a funeral, which traditionally is accompanied by the provision of food to the funeral goers. As the demand for a commodity increases so does the price. It is said that in northern Kwa Zulu Natal, for instance, up to 10 or more burials per weekend is not unusual, putting strain on the resources of burial parlours.

Funeral cover policies, therefore, have a very important role to play in covering the costs of a funeral and optionally some other costs as well. The financial exposure of yourself, particularly in the present world economic state, in the expenditure of any substantial cash amounts, should be avoided. This is particularly true of any unexpected capital expenditure that could have been prevented by adequate low cost funeral cover policies. Funeral costs may range from R5 000 for a modest funeral to very substantial amounts in the event of more elaborate funerals. South African insurers offer funeral cover policies ranging from R5000 to R50 000, which certainly at the higher end would cover any major cost components of a funeral. There is also additional optional cover available to defray some other costs associated with a funeral.

So many unexpected things happen in life at times that are most inopportune and often leaves devastation behind. While clearly, one can't foresee such events, unfortunately death is a certainty and one can be prepared on the financial implications of the costs of a burial by taking out funeral cover policies. Be wise and take out funeral cover policies to protect you and your family from possible financial hardship in having to pay for any funeral without having insurance cover.


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