The Importance Of PR Measurement

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No matter how brilliant your business concept or even your product us it is highly unlikely you will create a successful business without understanding the importance of a good PR team and the ability to both monitor and measure the results of any PR attempt.

Principles of PR Measuring

Public Relations Measurement is the study and accumulation of data concerning how well a business is performing and, in particular, being received in the public eye. Every advertising campaign should generate business, just as every piece of publicity should help to keep the company name and product in the consumers mind. PR measurement is the attempt to analyze this information and confirm which advertising methods are working and which are not. This area of business has become particularly important over the last few years as social media has become both common place and incredibly powerful. Most people online pay particular attention to a tweet from a celebrity or reads many reviews before deciding which product to purchase. Measuring the PR of a company is not the same as advertising; it is concerned with the effect and success of any campaign or current news story, online trend or even your latest business event. Every one of these factors has the ability to drastically increase or reduce sales.

There is no single set of principles or guidelines by which you can judge the success of you PR; this can make it very difficult to truly understand how well your business is doing in this field. The following principles should be adhered to as they will ensure you are moving in the right direction.

• Competition – Every time you are mentioned in the business news or social media sites you are gaining publicity that your competitors do not have. This means that your name will become more known than your competitors; providing you embrace every opportunity to put your business in the spotlight. The more times you appear in the media spotlight the more you will diminish your competitors. Your PR measurement policy must monitor all mentions of both your business and your competitors to ensure you have more ‘airtime’ than they do.

• Relationships – Social media has allowed anyone the opportunity to connect with prominent figures and even celebrities. You do not need to personally know them, simply to connect with them via one of the social media sites. A good PR team will ensure you are connected to the right, high profile people; these people will endorse your product and increase sales simply by mentioning you in a tweet. Of equal importance is building these links on a daily basis to ensure your name appears in the right place.

• Your Brand – Your business must appear as a recognizable brand. You and your PR team must establish what image you would like the business to portray and then create this image in the public eye. This can be done by ensuring the right pictures and quotes appear on social media sites and in the news, but, the information must be controlled and released regularly to ensure the image in people’s minds is the one you want them to have.

• Targeting – Social media is a vast playground, it can be exceptionally easy to start linking with hundreds or thousands of businesses and individuals simply to build a following. However, a following is not enough for a successful PR campaign. It is essential to evaluate every link and utilize the connections made to promote your product in the right market. There is little point building a relationship with a famous vegan if you are trying to sell a meat product. The PR team must identify which market needs to be targeted and how best to both catch their eye and convert them to your product as opposed to a rival product.

• Building your Name – Just as your brand must appear in the right way so too should your business. Your brand can be recognizable across the world but people will not purchase your product unless they know and respect your name. One of the most powerful motivators to buy any product is if a friend or relative recommends it. Many people will also purchase items which their favorite celebrity has bought. The PR team must ensure the right people and the right reviews are available online to ensure the public purchase your product.

How to Measure PR

This is an exceptionally difficult area of any business; it can be very difficult to both monitor every media site and press release. It can be even more difficult to assess what impact, good or bad, this will have on the business. As there are no industry standards every business has their own approach to measuring the success of their PR. Perhaps the most important factor in this is to decide what publicity is important to the business and how best to assess the effect of this publicity. It is also essential to decide whether you will handle the PR and PR measuring internally or externally; there are a great many businesses online which offer to measure your PR for you and will work in conjunction with you to ensure you achieve the best results possible. The best of these businesses will offer a wide range of PR monitoring and measuring techniques.

It is possible to measure PR in respect of how much return you are getting on your investment (ROI), however, this can be difficult to fully assess as it is not possible to record how many sales would have been made without the PR team’s efforts.

PR success can also be measured by the number of times your business appears in the spotlight, in effect the number of times your PR team has managed to get you mentioned in the news or on a social media site. This approach can also offer problems regarding whether these mentions generate additional sales or not.

Computer generated tools are available which will monitor visitors to your site, where they came from, conversions to sales and, therefore, provide a guide to the success of any campaign.

To achieve the most from your PR team and measure the results as effectively as possible you must agree what it is important to the business and assess the results in conjunction with this. In practice a good PR team will utilize all forms of measuring and provide you with the best picture possible.

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