The Harsh Reality of a Misdiagnosis

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Misdiagnosis: can I get compensation? If you have been hurt in a medical accident that wasn’t your fault, call our legal team to see how much you can claim

What Can You do if you have been Misdiagnosed?

As someone with next to no medical knowledge, when I need to, I place my trust in medical professionals who possess several years of education and experience. Although there are times (usually when they don’t have a miracle cure for my latest ailment) I think they aren’t telling me the whole truth and I assume they are thinking more about budgets than my health, I concede that most of the time they do know what they are talking about.

Yet, the media is rife with stories of patients who haven’t been so lucky and have in fact been misdiagnosed, sometimes with fatal consequences: patients sent away, told that they are suffering only from a stomach upset, only to find they have cancer; concerned parents reassured by doctors that it is safe to take their child home from hospital, only to discover that their little one has meningitis. A misdiagnosis can have very real and extremely devastating effects, which may explain why more and more people are seeking compensation for the trauma they have been subjected to as a result.

The Teacher Who was Turned Away

The Daily Mail recently reported the case of Jordi Akhurst, a 30 year old father and teacher from Plymouth who presented at his GP with a mole and was wrongly told it was nothing to worry about. Mr Akhurst was repeatedly told the mole did not need to be removed, but nine months after his first visit to the doctors, the mole was removed, tests were carried out and it was discovered he did in fact have cancer. Even more devastating is the fact that his cancer is terminal and Mr Akhurst faces the prospect that he will not see his five-year-old son grow up.

Medical Errors

According to The Telegraph, as many as one in six NHS patients are misdiagnosed. Up to 15% of cases suffered from rushed diagnoses due to doctors’ busy schedules. Although the majority of misdiagnosed cases did not have serious consequences, there are still those that are at risk of suffering long-term health issues. What is even more worrying is that despite the study, people are still afraid to admit they were wrongly diagnosed and are not willing to come forward report medical mistakes.

What Can You do if you have been Misdiagnosed?

Whether you have been given the all clear only to discover you are suffering a debilitating disease, or you have been told you are suffering from an illness when you are not, you could be eligible to claim compensation for the trauma you have suffered. We are experienced medical negligence solicitors and can provide in depth advice about your individual situation. If a medical professional is at fault, you should pursue damages representative of the level of trauma and subsequent health care you have experienced due to misdiagnosis.

Taking Care of our Clients

Begin with a free initial consultation and discover if we can help you. Talk to our friendly advisers and see why we are the legal team you need to help you with your case. Once you choose us to represent you, a dedicated solicitor will be assigned to you and will remain your point of contact throughout the entire process.

Full of questions? Don’t worry! We are happy to answer any queries you may have about your case. Should you be unable to come into our offices, we will come to your home or at hospital. Acting quickly can be highly beneficial for your case, so why not get in touch today and discover just how much compensation you could claim due to your misdiagnosis?


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19th Nov 2014 (#)

My friend was the victim of a botched surgery but he could not find another doctor to testify for him though they agreed that the operation was performed poorly. Sadly his health declined and he passed away - siva

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