The Euro End: A Complex Domino Effect of Currency Death Explained

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How the contorted and incomprehensible global financial markets create situations where Warren Buffett's dire prophecy on the Euro could be fulfilled. Euro Collapse = Global Depression.

The low down on European Debt and the "PIGS"

By Alicia Badilla

The question is not "what are the domino effects of a currency death" but rather... Was the Euro failing symptomatic of a larger set of events that have already been set in motion? The answer is yes. Read on to understand how we got in this mess and what may happen next and how to protect your wealth during a Euro Collapse.

First you should educate yourself on the situation.

France, Britain and Germany will be calling the shots in Europe from here on out as they have financially conquered Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Iceland among other indebted countries in the EU.

When someone owes you money and can't pay it back then a negotiation occurs. Like in Greece where the retirement age is getting older and older, austerity measures happen to force a country into a better position to pay their debts.

In reading about WW2 it is amazing how much the term "international bankers" come up in the events that lead to WW2. Now without trying to sound like Robert Anton Wilson or any other most reputable conspiracy theorist, let me simply outline a bit of history for you.

Throughout time... in all rises of totalitarian governments, wars or financial revolutions we find some common denominators. First and most important being a period of time dominated by economic planners (international bankers, smart men, economists, economic rulers, financial men).

Every nation that was taken over by a totalitarian government or went to war and had a financial revolution, had an era of "financial men" who thought that through interfering, planning and force.....ruling the economic life of the nation was possible. These men thought that free enterprise needed interference to have the best possible outcome. Arguing that steps should be taken to "correct abuse" or my personal favorite: "respond to financial emergencies." Ergo the first domino is toppled.

The next domino in line to fall is usually the apotheosizing of the state as the convergent thinker for all economic problems and have them back or guarantee huge amounts of private bank debt. The "smart men" ruling these pre-totalitarian countries were under the impression that they were liberals. They sought economic dictatorship through bureaucracy while at the same time sought to preserve a fair justice system, a free government and free speech.

Throughout history economic collapse, revolution and wars have all bore witness to a prolusion of these "smart men" forcefully or indirectly controlling the politics of credit and fixing prices as they manipulated industry, farming and labor..... the next dominoes to fall.

During a created chaos the "economic rulers" are busy devaluing or inflating as private business gets controlled by stiff government competition, regulation and taxes. Failures during these times are silently applauded because the solution always includes austerity measures that give more power and control to the wealthy.

You will undoubtedly know when all the prior dominoes have toppled and that you have arrived to this point because the economy will show high unemployment mixed with tons of outta-control government spending...all in the name of welfare or stimulus.

The next and almost last domino to fall I call the "scapegoat move" where debts are piled in the governments name higher and higher till faith in that government's credit is destroyed and the government is repopulated with different puppets. The final step being a financial revolution (an enormous transference of wealth) or complete takeover.

I see most of the world is clearly at the next to last step as each of the governments around the world are now changing hands as the debt is piled higher and higher. I particularly enjoy talking about Ireland because of the secretive Irish "inner circle" businessmen and how they made out big when the Irish government made a move guarantee bad debt backing 6 Irish Banks that had loaned billions to finance a real estate boom.

So if what they say about Warren Buffett is true (Oracle of Omaha) then I guess it's time to sell your over-valued real estate and get out of any and all paper currencies and either invest in silver and gold so that you can have something to buy food and guns with. Cheers!

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author avatar pinakin Thakre
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

A very good article regarding the financial crises. Very informative and frightening.

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author avatar writtenbyQ4u
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

One of the best articles i've read on this site.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

It seems as if the Umnited States is now meeting the criteria for an imminent collapse - high unemployment, out of control spending, etc., that you outline here. Brilliant post Alicia.

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