The Chinese Dilemma

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The Chinese have to face racists in almost every country. In some of them, licenses for business have been limited to less than 10% because the thugs want their race to own more than 90% in any field.

The Chinese Dilemma

This greed which seizes them tenaciously, is embedded in their subconscious part of the mind, for so long that their stubbornness and tenacity grow stronger every day. Even if they have accumulated 1 000000 tons of gold in the Swiss Bank, they would still be not satisfied and would not be happy if they have not cheated or swindled for just one day. It is indeed more thuggery than anything else. The overseas Chinese are squeezed in these countries.

Those evil racists want to close down all Chinese schools. The Chinese cannot buy any land from the natives, and licenses for business are limited because the racists want more than 90% of the business to be under their own race.

The Chinese have they ways and means to make a living.

Please read how a poor Chinese earned a living. He started from a humble beginning. At the seashore, he had to compete with other buyers, because the fishermen could sell their catch to anybody. The fish he bought would be taken to the fish market and sold at a profit. So he coughed out some money to buy one outboard motor, a wooden boat and handed them over to those Malays who could be trusted. When those fishermen returned in the afternoon, they could only sell the catch to him. He built up his business from scratch, without help from the government.
Whatever he could sell on that day, he made the profit. For the leftover, he had the scales and all the organs in the stomach removed, covered the fish with salt and dried them in the hot sun on the following day. It took two days for the dried fish to be acceptable by the shopkeepers, to market those dried fish in their shops. The dried fish were exported to Singapore and Hong Kong. Then one day the shopkeeper complained that those dried fish were not able to remain in good condition for more than one year.
So this guy had to think of a way to prepare better ones in order not to lose the buyers. He consulted a student, because this student was outstanding in his studies. After some research, that student told the fishmonger to dry the fish on a wooden platform, built several feet from the ground. It was indeed a perfect method because the buyers from Singapore and Hong Kong had no more complaint. Even the Five-Star
Hotels used his dried fish as one of the ingredients for their dishes.

Then, this guy had to think of a way to earn more money. He knew the Australian Armed Forces dumped many lorries and jeeps into the sea before they went home to Australia. The jerrycans and some ammunitions which were hidden in the forests were untouched. He employed some guys to remove the jerry cans. The whole project was kept a secret because should the police find out he could be charged as a communist and be executed.
Many of his employees were good divers. They went out to the sea, lowered metal hooks at one end of the manila rope on the seabed to hook on the vehicle. At the upper end of the rope, they forced a jerrycan into the water and fastened that can when it was submerged in the water. This process was done until the vehicle had been partially raised from the seabed. They pulled the vehicle to the shore, put it on the wheels and simply pushed the vehicle out of the water. A vehicle salvaged in this manner was allowed to be registered with the existing government. They dismantled the vehicle and serviced it properly and it was running on the road, with certification from the government.
I was told they successfully salvaged one jeep, and more than ten military lorries. This guy started a construction company and eventually became a multimillionaire.
There is no need to be jealous of other races. If you wish to be rich, just work hard like the Chinese do.

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author avatar pohtiongho
21st Nov 2014 (#)

Many foreigners are jealous and unhappy because the Chinese dropped a deep-water oil rig 300 km from Vietnamese shores. They said it was a provocative action which was rubbish, because that area was listed by the Chinese as territory of China more than 2000 years ago. China discovered those islands in the South China Sea during the Han Dynasty (206BC-AD 220). The nine-dashed line was drawn and declared in 1948. Forty-six years later, in 1994, the United Nations’ Convention on the Law of the Sea was ratified. UNCLOS has no retrospective effect and the US has not ratified UNCLOS, until today. China is definitely not doing muscle-flexing in the South China Sea. The way many countries use insulting and hypocritical remarks on China tell us a lot about the culture of those countries. If I left a parcel of land in a certain country and moved to the US to earn a living and came back twenty years later, is that still my land? Can the intruders sue me for asking them to move out from my land? The very uncivilized ones even argued that I did not stop them when they moved in to settle on my land! Ta Pei Kong forgives them. That’s their culture.

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author avatar M G Singh
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

Good article and good advice,but are you aware how the Chinese treat the people in the areas occupied by them like in Tibet ? Simply atrocious.

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author avatar pohtiongho
22nd Nov 2014 (#)

Madan: We don't have the complete picture of what the people are doing to overthrow the existing Chinese government. If you don't study detailed history, you would say the dropping of the two bombs in Japan was unfair?

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author avatar M G Singh
24th Nov 2014 (#)

Yes, the dropping of the bombs was unfairr and was brought out in the dissenting judgement of Justice Pal at the Tokyo war crimes trial.

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