The Bold Stroke: Leading Yourself to Profit and Prosperity at all levels

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Life and its rewards go to the bold and intelligently acitve. What I mean by intelligently active is genuinely leading yourself to take proper action at the right times. That is all, the rest will be explained as sections of this article. You may get it in the first section, you may get it finally after a few readings of many sections, but, know this, you will come away leading yourself to greatness or be more motivated at least to take action on your own behalf in a beneficial way.

Do what wants and needs to be done first and all else will be added.

Sometimes the best action to take is no action at all, except for the actions that cause the results you want and need. Think about that fact and then take the proper action that benefits you genuinely. Sure, that sounds selfish and overly self-interested in a way, but, realistically when you want things to work when you do them genuinely, George Jean Nathan is right when he says think of yourself first, last and all the time. He is right in this sense, though: I am not meaning be totally selfish without benefitting others. I am simply saying get the results you want and need in order to succinctly and genuinely get to the next level. So, when I say "do what wants and needs to be done and all else will be added (ultimately)": This is what I mean. Without the proper sequence of combined actions, nothing gets done, and without the proper numbers or code a combination lock will not be opened. Same principle.

Realistically, even the worst permanent failure wants success, but, are they willing to do the genuine essence work to get what they want success-wise? If they are willing to create success, the "label" permanent failure can be taken off, but only if they are willing.

The most potent of successes does what needs to be done first and all else is added in a desirable way after that is done. Think about the correct order of all events and results do not come first, they come after the event happens or the action is taken. In reality, there are not any blocks except taking the wrong action or the wrong event happening. So, do what is wanted and needed first and all else will be added.

The winner.

The winner is not they who "die with the most toys" or that person who cheats and lies the most. Just the opposite: It is the person who understands when and how take the proper actions at the right time, and has genuine goals to achieve within the scope of their desires. I know the last part of that sentence sounds overused and hackneyed, but, it is reality: The right actions or non-actions at the right time genuinely get desirable results in every way.

Wrong is wrong. Wrong is what makes genuine losers. Right is what makes genuine winners. Let me be clear, though. I am not saying some insensitive Vince Lombardi "win it all" stuff here though. I am considering what is needed and wanted to be done to become a winner in the most sensitive way there is. I am telling it genuinely like it is.

The boldest and strongest action is the right action taken. That is all. That is what makes winners, make not a single mistake about it. The only real loss is that laziness that militates against right action, that fear of success that says: "What if I do succeed, what responsibilities will I face?" Being lazy in that way is always foolish and destructive. The most productive winner is the winner who knows when to act and when not to, and has the courage to go through whatever it takes to achieve their goal.

In short, lead yourself first, then lead others later when you achieve the success you want powerfully, repeatably, and in a proven, genuine way. Those, ironically are the best leaders in existence. Everyone else is just a grandstanding follower. What do you think "everybody loves a winner" really means anyhow?

The doing factor.

Sometimes, doing is overrated. Sometimes the best thing to do is to passively accept. Sometimes the best thing to do is to take genuine action on an idea. But either way, the correct factor like a combination lock being opened by the right code must be followed to success.

To win is the doing factor on a positive note. To lose is the doing factor on a negative note. But, when you let the loss become permanent instead of temporary, that is when the doing factor is genuinely negative. When you forego and let the loss be temporary, that is when genuine permanent winning is possible. You must lead yourself to success despite all evidence to the contrary, and evidence that failure is permanent. There is always next time.

The boldest stroke of all is understanding of how to do it next time, not acceptance of permanent failure. The moves of power we make in life and existence are combinations of actions that work or do not work. Opening the lock is understanding what does work after doing what wants and needs to be done to make it work. This is the essence of the doing factor. Do what what works, or be passive when it works, and you will know why and how it will work. Be confident and realistic and let nobody dissuade you and you will achieve what you want ultimately.

Others telling you that you do not have what it takes means nothing, but you knowing why you want it is everything. That is part of the combination key I am writing about here.


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