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Life and work are as good as we make it. Without mincing words I will tell where the blame lays when "it all goes wrong" and how best to succeed even when it does go wrong for awhile and how to genuinely make it right.

It is on your shoulders. It is in your hands.

Where the book Success-Cybernetics by U.S. Andersen ends, I start off here: We must make self-responisibility a habit, and a well-cultivated habit at that. Without that habit, we can genuinely succeed at nothing except get lucky at something like lottery or roulette the first time once in a while. Success comes through skillful application of defined and definite principles that are repeatable and workable. Once in a while luck is not repeatable or workable, ultimately we all have the same amount of that in different areas. What I am writing about is doing what needs to be done to succeed as in taking the initiative upon yourself to learn everything about how to succeed before you do so you do not depend on luck. The more proficient you are in work, the more of a real winner in skill you can be no matter how much you do temporarily fail or miss once in a while.

You must think and act realistically to generate results and do it on your own. Nobody can think for you or act for you. You must be your own total boss in that sense.

Sure, everyone has to do for themselves and produce for others in order to more effectively do for themselves, but, that does not mean others can or must do your thinking and actions for you. You must do that for yourself as the leader of your own brain, mind, body, spirit and thoughts.

Indeed, perfection comes to those who develop the skill to create it. Perfection does not depend on luck. Perfect skill only comes to those who do develop it through fully understanding the competence factors and in and out realities of what they are doing. So, when I say it is on your shoulders and in your hands. That is what I mean. Reality is only as competent as we are realistic about the efforts it takes to live in it.

The Deal

No one is infallibly perfect that is with consciousness. But, through trial, error and growth, you can be another "p" word, and that word is potent. Listen, nature takes away one modality and gives you another entirely more interesting one Perfection cannot grow or get better, but potency always can. Life is a deal that will always take you through changes and growth, but, that is a good not bad thing, for ultimate fulfillment comes through infinite growth, really.

Have you ever noticed something about the productively handicapped or some of those who have to overcome more than their able-bodied counterparts, they have better growth potential than their able-bodied counterparts sometimes, because they do not have "perfection" on their side, and have to do things differently.

So, the deal is, the more you have to overcome, the better you have it if you persist, not quit and genuinely take the mantle. Overcoming is only a liability when you let yourself be too weak to handle it.

Do you want to "trade situations" with those you envy? Well, grow yourself to handle those realities, do not envy the other person. Competition is the ultimate weakness, but creativity over competition is the ultimate strength. Competition is derivative, creativity is original. There is nobody we can fool except ourselves on this fact, and we cannot even really fool ourselves ultimately. It will all stare us in the face when we come to ourselves in reality. So look at yourself before it is too late, and destroy the competitive envy and get creative. Here is the Neville Brothers song that inspired this article section. This is for all those who want a picture of what my thinking process is on these matters:

The Dealer

"Cards on the table and they facin down
We all got a hand to play, ain't no backin' down
Aces up your sleeve, they ain't gonna do you no good
But the joker's still in play and it just might come your way

Listen to me, don't you hear what I say?
Can't you hear what I say, can't you hear what I say?
Listen to me, don't you hear what I say?
We're lookin' at the Judgment Day

I was holdin' a 10 of diamonds but I wanted a ace
People all around the world goin' through changes
Look me straight in my face
Said I just called to show you, some people never satisfied
Wanna trade hands with me little brother
See if you can stay alive?

Listen to me, don't you hear what I say?
Can't you hear what I say, can't you hear what I say?
Listen to me, don't you hear what I say?
We're lookin' at the judgment day

brothers and sisters
Can they mess 'em around
Pullin the wool over their eyes
But the Dealer, we can't fool 'coz He put the cards into play
And He know what me and you are holdin' all the time

Listen to me, don't you hear what I say?
Can't you hear what I say, can't you hear what I say?
Listen to me, don't you hear what I say
'Coz we're lookin' at the Judgment Day comin down..."

Don't make a wish, make a winner

'Wishing versus effort', the seeming eternal argument, it forever goes within each person until they come down out of the sky, get on the ground and decide to put in the genuine effort to get what they wish through smart, not so much hard work.

When I say "don't make a wish, make a winner" in my title, I write of this: We can have unwritten goals we wish for with all of our heart and soul, but if we avoid productive action, we will not achieve them, even with all the materials to achieve them there in our grasp. Why do I say that? If you do not plant or germinate seeds somehow, they will stay seeds and not ever become plants, trees, flowers or vegetation. Think about this fact a moment. The spirit of things and reality of all things is in the germinating or growing, expanding action of them. Everything has its "price mark" or action you need to take to genuinely and realistically get them, right down to mythical Aladdin taking the action of cleaning his lamp and getting the genie out of it, and making his wishes come real with the opportunity to use the genie to get what he wanted in life. Sure, I go from realistic to "mythical" to prove a point. We must take action whether easy or hard to get what we want. We have to be genuinely willing to be, in order to genuinely do and really have. So, when I say, "don't make a wish, make a winner", you get the full gamut of the import of my meaning in this respect. You can have a wish, but back it up in the best way you can through action and willingness, total willngness to lead yourself to the promised land called achievement.

Vibrational timing, the cure and solution to permanent failure.

So many people quit at the wrong time, especially when they are close. Close enough to mark the difference in the invention of the telephone between Phillipp Reis, Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell. In short, to use an old slang term, "don't quit before the final turn of that screw." That came from this situation, Reis and Gray created a machine you could sing into because the screw in the phone receptors were not tight enough to produce a current that would support actual telegraphic speech generation, only singing or humming consistently. Bell turned the screw and won after the others that could lay claim to inventing the telephone had given up. That is the essence of the story.

But, there is another reason I mentioned Bell: He was a noted expert in the idea of vibrational sciences. Success and failure that are permanent are simply vibrational attitudes when really thought about:

When you say the words "I quit" or say the words "I will go on until I succeed", what is that? It is nothing more than a vibrational attitude of mind that does one or the other until the condition is reached, desired or not desired. Reality will do what you vibrate it to do. In short unlike card chances or gambling, you make your hand with your genuine decision in life and existence.

Mea culpa; cura mea (My fault; my remedy)

Self-accountability is always a viable remedy. If it was not, then bureaucracies would be natural and not unnatural, and the individual would not be a consistent reality. As I am accountable to myself, you are accountable to yourself in existence and life (in that order). At the end, we all pay to the measure, and we all benefit to the measure, we get away with nothing, and we all ultimately get what we deserve.

I know that the above to some sounds cruel and harsh. But, is it really? So many think that they are getting off easy when payment is down the road in the ultimate hard way when you have to face yourself.

My ultimate remedy to these problems is fully-integrated honesty with yourself or hiding nothing from yourself, right down to buried memories or avoidances. Sure, getting away with "something" sounds nice, but is it really when you look down the road? Personally, I know it is not nice to forget the accounting system of existence and the universe in any way, because you will pay or benefit to the measure that you give or take to or from anything. Real winning starts with accountability, especially to yourself. That is all I have to say in this section.


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2nd Jun 2014 (#)

Nice post

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Jun 2014 (#)

Ultimately it boils down to - we come alone, leave alone and none owes us a living. Every achievement carries a price tag - siva

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