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Creating a chatbot that works well for your own situation can be difficult without a developers help or you can try SnatchBot.


When you are concerned about the customer service of your company’s website, along with social media platforms, you have to think big. Are you positively sure that your customer support offers everything that your customers might be in need of? Have you experienced a situation where customers contact you because they have problems with your services and or products?

Few companies have a very helpful or highly trained customer support team and if yours is not one of them, this might cause dissatisfaction among your clients. One new technological solution, however, means that you don’t need a big customer support budget to improve your service. Implementing a chatbot can ensure the best possible experience for your clients, and take your business to a whole new level.

So, let’s brainstorm why you are in need of a chatbot, and which one is the best option possible!

A word or two about chatbots

In the age of advanced technology, it is so much more convenient and accessible to interact with a virtual assistant – a chatbot – than a real person, since it can save you a lot of time and trouble when you need a solution for your problem. Chatting with a chatbot offers you an uninterrupted conversation that can deal with the vast majority of queries.

Chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) and have an incredible capacity to go through a vast amount of information in order to choose the best solution/answer for customers. Some of them can even learn from the sent information. For example, if you order a certain product for the first time, the chatbot could be designed to remember this and ask you if you want to order the same product again when you come back next time.

Avi Ben Ezra, the Chief Technology Officer of Israeli company SnatchBot, founded in 2015, stated in an interview:

“There is going to be an exponential growth in the role of chatbots over the next decade.

Already, given the current state of the market and the speed at which it is expected to grow, we can see how rapidly the use of bots is advancing: a recent chatbot report released by BI Insider revealed that over 80% of businesses are expected to have implemented some sort of chatbot solution by 2020. As the market pushes the technology forward, interactions with chatbots will become more and more sophisticated.”

The best chatbot platform for your business

Henri Ben Ezra, the president and co-founder of SnatchBot said: “Anyone, from big brands to independent entrepreneurs, can benefit from the use of a chatbot. In fact, bots are the new digital torchbearers for companies”.

They have become a cutting edge platform in terms of chatbot-building and it is completely free and available for everyone to use, regardless of their previous experience. It is the first platform of this kind to allow anyone to use it without any prior knowledge on the subject.

This platform offers numerous features along with built-in integrations such as translation, payment processing, action buttons etc. none of which require any special coding skills. Using this omni-platform allows clients to choose specific channels that they would like to connect through.

Tools included provide you with everything needed to create your chatbot and keep it running, but more importantly, using this platform you can create a bot just once and then integrate it on any number of different platforms.

Although other platforms for building chatbots do exist, this one is unique in that it is free to use and provides an almost completely intuitive and all inclusive interface, paired with the ability to design bots that are able to complete more complex assignments due to their better-developed intelligence.

One of the greatest issues in computer science is teaching A.I. to understand natural human language, as it requires complex deep-learning algorithms to be cultivated with vast quantities of information and infrastructure. It organizes these deep-learning mechanics and automatically adjusts them, relieving the client of the need to deal with infrastructure.

Easy-to-use editor

This platform is revolutionary in the sense that it allows anybody with no prior experience in any computer-science related fields to design and create their own chatbot. All you need to do in order to start creating your bot is go to their website and log in through Facebook, Google+ or your email. After you complete your registration you will be redirected to the dashboard.

Their dashboard is seamless, intuitive and user-friendly. Creating your bot is very easy and it starts by simply clicking the “Create bot” button. Upon clicking, you will be welcomed by a pop-up menu which will prompt you to give your bot a name and describe it in short.

After naming and describing your chatbot, you can choose whether you want to use a template or create a completely new bot from scratch. For people new to SnatchBot, it is recommended to use the first option, for there are dozens of chatbots already available for industries such as banking, hospitality, travel, eCommerce, etc. If you do want to create an entirely new bot, you will find that the step-by-step creation process is very easy and should you need any help you can consult their site for any required assistance.

So, if you’ve decided that you need a chatbot, but don’t want to waste money on hiring a qualified professional to design and create one for you, SnatchBot is just the thing for you. With its completely innovative bot creation process, you can have your own chatbot in no time.


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