The Aggressive World of PR Placements, Explained

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With demands for placements in the Public Relations industry at an all high, breaking in to this sector is difficult, to say the least. So, does it simply come down to who you know to try and gain contacts and exposure in the "PR World"?

* The PR World Explained
* Broad Minds, One Goal?
* PR Internships - Is It All 'Who You Know'?
* Embarking Upon the PR Journey...

The PR World Explained

Whether it's fashion, lifestyle or health, Public Relations aims to maintain and enhance perceived images of events, celebrities and businesses around the world. Combine this with managing and cultivating communications between organisations and the general public, and one can gauge the sheer magnitute and impact this sector of business has on people both domestically and overseas. I would go as far as to suggest that like advertising, PR can be perceived as both highly influential and arguably manipulative influencing things such as government department policymaking.
Therefore, with an industry which appears extremely broad in its entirity, why is PR often viewed as an ambitious choice of career when one is fresh out of university?

Broad Minds, One Goal?

When choosing a career in the current economic climate, you have to keep your options broad and expectations high. This is very true of myself; I am about to enter my final year in which I am studying a Business Management and Economics degree.
Primarily, I wanted to study English Literature, but after deciding that I really had no idea what career I wanted to enter upon finishing university, I went for a far broader option - 'Business'.
The reason I am writing this is because it forms the basis of my next point - having a broad perspective of business means that I also now posess a far broader view on my future career goal. I was once told that if you truly strive to have a career in a highly competitive industry, networking is key. So, if at first you don't succeed, network your way through similar jobs to end up in the position you want to be in!

PR Internships - Is It All 'Who You Know'?

I decided to do a little research - whilst enduring the wait of potential responses from numerous emails to prospective PR firms (explained further in the next paragraph)! Honestly, what I read did dampen my spirits to say the least. One article I read discussed how an internship in PR is far more elite than ever before. Placements are frequently offered to those whose families have direct connections or jobs in the industry, eliminating those of us who are unable to satisfy this criteria.
So, it would seem on the surface that it is all 'who you know'. Determination and persistence are key in this industry - conections to PR can arise from many different areas of business, so you have to keep that in mind and carry on!

Embarking Upon the PR Journey...

In January 2011 I began writing out CV's and cover letters to prospective PR firms in London - an ambitious place to try and secure any type of placement, let alone work in PR! I constructed individual cover letters for each company and, after sending out 70 in total, waited and hoped to receive any kind of response at all.
Email responses began to be sent from firms in response, however in a trickling fashion most of the time - last week I received a rejection even though I wrote to the company in January! Rejection and silence took its toll, so after some deliberation I decided to broaden my perspective and look for placements elsewhere; some work experience is better than nothing.
I was lucky enough to secure work experience in an Accounting and Finance firm, working in the Compliance section (which I anticipate to write about soon) and had a fantastic time there. No, it was not PR, but my advice to those in a similar position to me is this; determination and connections made working alongside corporate individuals in London is an extremely valuable tool to break in to soughtafter jobs and your future career!


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