Teleconnecting Skill #5: Determining Satisfaction

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In this article I am going to show you how to ask the hardest question. The hardest question should be asked regularly of your customers, employees and even your spouse.

Setting up your call List

You are going to be setting up a customer/member call list and it will be on paper. No one wants to hear typing in the background when they are communicating with you on the telephone. You will print your customer information flush to the left because all of your note taking will take place in the space directly across from your customer/member's name.

The Science is Important

You will only be making three attempts to reach each customer/member. If you speak with a secretary, receptionist or anyone else involved in the organization, you will write their name on your page, at a slant. This allows you to ask, "Is this Cindy?". If it is not Cindy, the other person will identify themselves and you will also write their name at a slant so as to know they are not your target, but an important person along the way to reaching your target. On the third attempt, and only on the third attempt, you may leave a voice mail along the lines of, "Hello Mr. Fielder, this is Joe Baines calling from ABC Company. We are sorry we missed you as we are attempting to determine customer/member satisfaction and would enjoy your feedback. Call me at ____-______ if you would like to participate in our customer satisfaction responses.

You've reached your target person

You have reached the person you are looking to connect with on the phone, you've been granted time and now what you want to do is give your customer/member a chance to answer an open-ended question regarding their satisfaction. Many companies like to put it out there in a questionnaire that cannot be altered to accommodate what the customer/member actually has to say to you. You definitely do not want to do this. The question is posed like this: "We were calling to get a feel for your satisfaction with our services." If you stop talking, they will start talking and whatever is at the top of their mind regarding their experience with your organization will come flowing out. If they pause, say, "I'm writing this down", which will encourage the feedback your company or organization needs whether you know it or not.

Confirming Information

You will want to confirm all information pertinent to the customer or member you are speaking with. This is very important and will go into your report under 'Lines of Change'. If you change one character, it is a 'line of change'. You will leave the old information and make a note within the comment section of the new information.

Your Report

In order to make this information valuable, after each customer/member has had three attempts made to reach them, you will type the responses. Bring up your original list on the computer. Create a table on the first line of the list with two columns. Copy/past the names and addresses into the first column and the second column will be for transcribing your notes from the conversation. Your results will likely fall into one of these categories, and to the left of the contact name, you will number it accordingly and circle it for easy identification:

1. Expressed Satisfaction
2. Needs Information
3. Problem/Area of Concern
4. Left Message on Voice Mail on Third Attempt
5. No contact

____ Lines of Change
____ TFC = (Thanks for calling)

Final Report

Your final report will begin with the statistical data. From there, your list will have quoted and paraphrased feedback which may surprise you at how important and pertinent the information is. When the customer/member is allowed to express themselves without making them fit into a box of preformed questions, you will be delighted at what you find out.


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