Teleconnecting Skill #4: Sure-fire Introduction

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Everyone you speak to on your way to the 'decision maker' is important. You will learn to write down the names of the people you speak to on the way to your decision maker and be on your way to connecting and developing a relationship with them. Teleconnecting is a set of skills and concepts enabling you to be more effective in your business and personal life.

Review - Skills 1 through 3

Matching Energy #1 - Developing the skill of adjusting your tone and intensity and words to match the energy of the person to whom you are speaking in order to make an easier personal or professional connection with them.

Asking for Time #2 - Until you have asked for time and been granted it, you do not have a very good chance of making a connection with someone. It may mean that you cannot connect right NOW, but it sets you up for a positive connection in the future.

Being Present: #3 - Until you have learned what it means to be present in the moments in your life, you will miss out on many opportunities that are only offered in the NOW.

Sure-fire Introduction

This introduction works 100% of the time and if you settle on any other you will be selling yourself short.

CONTACT: Hello, ABC Company, this is Sharon:
YOU: Hello Sharon, this is Joe Blue calling from DEF Company calling for Ben Black

You will write Sharon's name down because she is an important person to connect you with your contact person. If for some reason she didn't hear your introduction or wasn't present when you asked for Mr. Black, she will likely put you through rather than ask you all the information again.

Moving Past, 'May I Help You?'

So, Sharon puts you through and the call is answered by another female:

CONTACT: 'Good Morning, Mr. Black's Office'
YOU: 'Good Morning, who am I speaking with?
CONTACT: 'This is Jill Brown, Mr. Black's Secretary, How may I help you?'

You are now writing Jill's name down as well because she is an important person who will be able to connect you with Mr. Black. She has offered help and you are going to assume that she CAN help you.

YOU: 'Great Jill, this is Joe Blue calling with DEF Company. We are making a follow-up satisfaction call to Mr. Black, who has been using our services/product, is that something you can take care of, and do you have a moment for me?'

By assuming Jill CAN take care of it rather than that she CAN NOT, you have given her respect and perhaps she can take care of the satisfaction call which you will make note of on the CALL NOTES (future article). If she CAN NOT help you, you will have made a friend for future calls.

Why this Skill Works

Because there is some science to making follow-up satisfaction calls, you may never actually reach the person whose name is on your call list. However, because you have been respectful and friendly to the other people you have spoken with in the company, you will have made points and it is likely that your message has been passed on. We will go into the science later, but suffice it to say that business and life is a relationship building proposition and the more skills you have toward that end, the better. The next Teleconnecting Skill will be 'Building Relationships'.


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