Teleconnecting Skill #1 - Matching Energy

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The skill of ‘Matching Energy’ has been primarily developed around the proactive follow-up satisfaction "Courtesy Call", which effectively measures customer satisfaction while placing an exclamation mark on your customer’s decision to do business with you. Whether making an outbound call or taking an inbound call in your business OR personal life, one excellent skill to be aware of is that of "Matching Energy".

An example of unmatched energy

When you are trying to connect with people on the phone, there are some vocal dynamics you can practice which will increase information flow. Try it, you will understand what I'm saying. To explain how to match energy, it is appropriate to give an example of the opposite of matching energy. Unmatched energy is when you answer the phone in a sleepy stupor to find an excited friend at the other end. Unless you gear up or they gear down, there will not be a starting place to bring the conversation together.

Matching Energy creates harmony

Another word for 'Matching Energy' might be mirroring, but I think mirroring is more for in-person connections. When you get good at this, you will be able to 'Match Energy' with anyone and possibly everyone around you (one on one), as well as, with people on the phone. The skill will make you more sensitive to anothers receptivity when you wish to bring up a subject, impart information, ask for a raise, ask for the sale, etc. Let say it like this: Matching energy is finding the note someone else is singing and being in harmony with it.

Speed of Speaking

1. SPEED: Whether on the phone or at a party, the truth is, people listen most efficiently at about the same speed, tone and pitch that they talk. If you slow-poke your words to a New Yorker, they're going to say, "What?" - and tune you out. If you speed your words past someone from a slower speaking State like Georgia, they're going to say, "What?"... and tune you out. Knowing how to match energy with the person you are speaking with will more than likely result in a productive/pleasing exchange.

Pitch, Tone and Wording

2. PITCH/TONE/WORDING: If you can practice matching the tonal range of the person you are speaking with, it will make them feel comfortable and at ease to speak with you. From the first 'Hi', 'Hello', 'Good Afternoon', you can begin to match energy by repeating their exact greeting back to them and with similar intensity and tone. Validation is necessary for all people and when you repeat back to them the words they have said to you, it is a form of connecting and understanding without necessarily agreeing. You can easily calm an excitable person by keeping your tone steady.

Body Language

3. BODY LANGUAGE: In person, matching body language, sitting, standing, etc., can increase the chance for a connection between two people. Try to stay on eye level with everyone including dogs and children when possible. Placing inanimate objects between you and someone else indicates decided separation. Pauses in conversation are healthy, silence is not a problem.

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