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So if you have not heard the news Apple released its newest IPad the "3". Should you run right out and purchase this new tablet? In my mind you should but give it some time.

Yes this tablet is just like any computer now. You can do your word processing on it, you can play games, and do everything that you want to and only carry around less than 1 pound of equipment. I just purchased an IPad2 several months back, and I am completely happy with the 2. Yes the 3 has great graphics, and probably one of the fastest processors in a tablet, but there are pros and cons to buying a device like this right after they hit the market.


1. Better resolution: The screen boosts retna display. What does this mean, well in a nut shell each screen has pixels, the smaller and closer together the pixels the more it looks real and less like a screen.

2. Better processor: The 3 comes with an A5X processor. This processor comes in dual 1 GHz processors and 1 Gig of RAM vs. the IPad 2 which has all of that just only 512MB RAM. While working with both IPads I personally could not tell a difference as far as the processing power was concerned.

3. Support for LTE: If you decide to pony up and purchase the 4G model you will be able to use the 4G LTE that most of the cell companies have now. Be prepared because between the retna display and the advanced programs out there you will end up using up your bandwidth very quickly. Within the settings for the IPad you have the ability to watch and calculate your bandwidth that you are using. So during your billing cycle make sure that you 1 reset your calculator every billing cycle and 2 make sure to monitor it.

4. Battery life: Even with all of this it boosts a 10 hour battery when not using LTE. When using the LTE feature it should get about 9 hours per charge.


So far with my testing of the 3 these so far are the only ones that I could find.

1. Problems with temperature. After selling 3 million IPad3, users have been complaining about the temperature of their device. A few watch dog companies have done their own testing and have found the temp getting to around 120 degrees. Apple has not said anything on this but in my mind this is a problem. This to me is just like a car if you don’t lube it up and take care of it your car will over heat.

2. Bandwidth on the LTE. LTE is a great feature but combined with the retna display, you can use up all of your bandwidth in a matter of minutes. One user reported that while watching March Madness on his IPad3 over LTE he used up his entire month of bandwidth during the first half of a game. So again monitor your bandwidth, if need be you may need to upgrade your bandwidth to one of the higher tiers. Yes you will pay more but when most companies are charging about $10 per Gig or more, paying $50 for 5 Gig per month may save you from a big bill at the end of the month.

So with all of this said should you go out and buy this one? Give it 6 months or so and yes I would buy it. I say 6 months not for them to work any bugs out of the device but when a new product comes out there is generally R&D costs that they are still trying to pay off. When you give it 6 months or so the price generally comes down and then all you are really paying for is the device instead of everything else. With this release of the IPad3 not a lot of people were caught standing in lines for 1-2 days before the release, due to how many different companies are now selling the IPad.


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