Tax payer money wasted in India to keep people idle

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The shocking story of how tax payer money is wasted daily in India to keep people idle

Tax payer money wasted in India for corporate goals

India remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with farmers commiting suicide due to lack of financial aid, however on the other hand, a huge amount of tax payer money is being wasted daily to keep harmless innocent civilians idle. The civilian could be an experienced engineer with a brilliant academic record who has studied in the best college in the country, yet the harmless civilian will not be able to trace the cruel cowardly officials who are wasting tax payer money to keep her idle for more than 5 years.

The civilian will usually be a harmless small business owner or professional who is an expert in a field and large corporates allegedly Google,Tata, Paypal want to destroy the finances and health of the civilian, so that they can destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply wasting indian tax payer money. These companies will bribe or instigate the powerful top officials who control the directed energy weapons to misuse these powerful invisible weapons on harmless civilians to ensure that the small business owner cannot work during the day and remains idle.

The most sophisticated monitoring equipment in the country will be used to track the position of the small business owner and attack him or her with the invisible directed energy weapons to cause great pain. It appears that a person using the computer can be tracked immediately and will be mercilessly attacked, causing great pain and memory loss. Hence the small business owner, usually a webmaster will avoid using the laptop during the day, to escape the great pain and prevent damage to his or her body.

Earlier the webmaster could work for 15-16 hours a day, now due to the daily attack of powerful cruel officials, wasting tax payer money, she can work for less than 5 hours a day, often being forced to leave work incomplete or mid way due to the attack of powerful cruel cowardly officials. These cruel cowardly officials are wasting indian tax payer money to hunt the harmless webmaster like an animal, out of hatred and greed and there is no way to end these daily human rights abuses. The human rights commission of India officials allegedly bribed by the dishonest corporates refused to help to harmless civilian.

These cruel fraud officials hope that the business owner who is being attacked daily for years, will suffer financial losses due to the pain, health problems and inability to use the computer, and agree to take up a job with the companies who have bribed them at a far lower salary that what he or she deserved . These shameless dishonest officials also specialize in making completely false stories without proof to justify their human rights abuses on a harmless civilian for years.

Is tax payer money wasted in all countries to keep harmless small business owners and professionals idle or is India the exception?


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