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The augment is about conducting and producing perfect research in social sciences

Perfect Reseach

There is no hope of doing perfect research. Do you agree?

Being from social sciences background, it is complicated for me to answer the above question in simple yes or no. I have been taught and trained to do the research with an open mind, with a thought always in the background saying that people do not think in simple yes and no. their views can’t be calculated or measured, they can only be recorded to form a thought.

My research for the past 5 years has been based on qualitative research. Qualitative research is based on people’s views rather than positivist research of simple yes or no or multiple choice questions which are often biased with researcher’s own opinions. I have seen and learned from my research that no research is perfect. It is always affected by research’s own way of research; his/her own background, biasness, the respondent’s surroundings, culture, cooperation and hundreds of other factors. I can’t say that there is no hope for doing perfect research, because the word perfect does not come into mind when one’s dealing with human opinions about certain things. However it can be said that it is hard to present a research that’s accepted and agreed by “All”

Qualitative research cannot be perfect research. Although quantitative research can’t also be perfect but since it comes up with number and figures it can be measured in terms of results. Critics of qualitative research think that it cannot produce results that are in forms of numbers and that’s why there are questions about its reliability. However this criticism is answered by qualitative researchers stating that quantitative research is designed and define by humans and can contain as much errors and biasness as qualitative research.

The above debate is very long and cannot be concluded in one piece of paper. However concluding; I am of the believer that perfect research cannot be produced but research near to perfection can be produced and are produced. If we had simply given up hope on producing perfect research then we won’t know so many fields of social sciences today. So many of people’s views would have gone undiscovered. There may be a hope of producing perfect research if its conducted on machines and by machines. As long as humans are involved we cannot produce perfect research and there is no need to achieve perfection in it.

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