Systematic denial of information to torture, cause losses in India

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A look at how indian intelligence agencies and some companies will intentionally deny certain vital information to select individuals , customers to torture them, cause business losses.

Denial of information to torture, cause losses in India

One of 33the most common methods used by indian intelligence agencies, especially in the indian internet sector to torture and cause losses to domain investors, webmasters is to systematically deny a person information. It appears that brilliant hardworking non brahmin professionals are openly discriminated against, denied information and opportunities to destroy their life and career. The same information will be readily provided to brahmin, married women, friends and relatives of powerful officials who have access.

The person may openly request the information from the company or organization who can provide the information as it can affect his or her business, career, life, yet these cunning officials will intentionally refuse to provide any details at all. However, these shameless powerful officials will have no qualms, misusing the name of the person they are refusing to provide information to. They are falsely claiming that they know the person they are lying to and denying information, very well, so that they can steal the impressive resume of the person, for lazy greedy mediocre frauds like the cheater brahmins riddhi siddhi nayanshree, obc slut sunaina, veena, ruchika, asmita patel.

Though they systematically deny information to the obc engineer, these official will waste infinite indian tax payer money to ensure that they have all the information of the obc engineer. The engineer will be put under surveillance for more than 5 years without a court order, sophisticated mind reading technology will be used to read the thought of the obc engineer, and atleast 40-50 government employees will deployed to monitor , harass, attack and defame the innocent obc engineer without a court order.

For these cunning indian intelligence agency officials, denial of information has become a very effective way of torturing a harmless hardworking honest person. The person will often make mistakes or take incorrect decisions because they do not have the information. Trying to get the badly needed information, the obc engineer will be forced to search for information in different forms online and offline, making incorrect assumptions using his or her imagination which can cause great mental stress. Additionally voice to skull technology will be used to torture the person.

To further humiliate, exploit and cheat the brilliant obc engineer, all the frauds who cheat her like the brahmin frauds nayanshree hathwar, riddhi siddhi, obc slut sunaina, asmita patel, veena, ruchika will be readily provide all the information which was denied to the obc engineer, leaving the obc engineer handicapped. Filing an RTI request does not help, especially when the obc engineer finds that her resume has been stolen by her fraud classmates .

All these mediocre lazy greedy frauds will be given the opportunities which the obc engineer deserved after falsely claiming that these frauds have her impressive resume, while the obc engineer will find it difficult to earn a fair living, due to theft of correspondence, defamation and resume theft,


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