Surviving The Boss from Hell; More Tips and Tricks

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More tips on how to survive and even thrive when you work for the Boss From Hell


In a previous article I went through the major traumas of what it is like to work for a Boss From Hell.

What needs to be explored is how one can turn working for the worst boss into a virtual vacation in which 90% of the time you're doing nothing 'productive' as well as enjoying yourself.

Seems impossible?
It isn't.

What Makes A Boss From Hell?

Let us examine working styles which defines that boss from Hell.

There's the Micro-Manager who needs to control everything.
There's the Pressure Cooker who runs the office like a Death Camp.
There's the Always Wrong who no matter what it is will demand it be done wrong.

Many of these people have Inferiority Complexes. so need to exult themselves. They need to Control you. They need to feel they Control everything in their ambit.

When they are present the Office is a horrible place to be. When they are out there is almost a palatable rejoicing.

To suppress, to crush, many adopt specific behaviours akin to those of dictators and War Criminals.

Re Think; Chaos

For some people, Compulsives for example, doing the same thing over and over again is perfect. They like the prison of regime. They like sameness, balance, safety.

For others, (very few) chaos is adored.

Most Bosses from Hell are not prepared for the employee who adores chaos. In fact, the BFH doesn't even know that there are people who find Chaos their comfort zone.

Imagine the BFH who is trying to torture one of the Chaotic with constant change. It is like giving a pyromanic a blow torch.

If you aren't a Chaotic, learn the joys of it. Learn to love never knowing what to expect, or when or where. If you can reformat your view of the world so that you absolutely adore never knowing what today will hold, working for this kind of BFH becomes a joy.

Savouring Stupidity as Fine Wine

Many BFH have particular problems, some are a lot stupider than they look.

Trying to make others seem stupid by having them make mistakes, and criticising everything they do, (especially when it was done under orders) seems to affirm the right of a BFH to exist..

When you know they are stupid you appreciate they will get everything wrong. And they will demand you do whatever it is, wrong.

You can't talk back, you can't stop them, you have to do what they say...WRONG!!!

Learn to adore this. Learn to enjoy your boss screwing up everything, wasting paper, time, on and on. Don't be angered, don't be frustrated, consider Stupidity an art form.

Don't bother to say; "But you Told me to do it this way!" Look blank. Pretend you are stupider than he is.

Kill them with Kindness

You want to drive your boss over the edge?
Be happy.
Never lose your temper, act compassionate and interested. Nothing is more powerful than the employee who can't be made to feel as horrible as the Boss does.

Cheery Good Mornings! as if his last words to you weren't insults. Smiles as if he hasn't laboured to make you feel like dirt.

Being happy is a self perpetuating emotion. When you are happy everything is happy, and you make yourself happier and happier until, of course, you let something destroy your mood. Suppose you let nothing destroy your mood?

Seise Control!

You are happy, giggling even, thinking what BFH is going to screw up today?
Is he going to give you a basket to carry water?
Is he going to send you out with half a document?
Is he going to expect you to create a silk purse from a sow's ear?

Take it as fun. Take it as a joke. Look forward to it.

Its all a comedy; and the best part? You're being Paid!!


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This is really great and cheered me up lots thank you for this :)

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you're very welcome. I'm glad I made you smile.

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