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Sucess is pretty much living as much above survival level as you can live. Not just in blogging, information technology and the like. But it is that way in everything. Sure this is an article about information technology and related subjects, but this will be able to be applied to anything including information technology.

How to create new material from the seeming nothingness.

"Ideas come from space, this may seem impossible, but true, all ideas that further mankind come from space." That is a quote by Thomas Alva Edison before he died in the 1940s. The point to this quote is, ideas are all around us if we look with more than our eyes and hear with more than our ears. There are two types of thought, creative thought, and derivative thought. When both types of thought are combined successfully, look out an idea has happened in your mind and all around you if you allow it to go that far.

To survive, you must access synthetic and creative ideas strategically and realistically, otherwise everything stagnates. You must have the future in mind also when you "come up" with your ideas. So, three points should be considered:

1. Is it important?

2. Does it work?

3. Is reality considered and mass production of results possible by all, ultimately?

Point number three is the longest, yet most important one, because that is what Steve Jobs probably considered when doing everything from the first Apple computer, MacIntosh all the way up to the Iphone, Itunes and Ipad. I even look at when he left Apple computer, he considered point three, because he knew when to come back and innovate after pulling out and renewing his idealism. Sometimes, to create more and better that needs to be done to stay faithful to point three, and innovate realistically and greatly. After all, overdoing an ideal makes you ridiculous too. Remember Rick Hunts and the "Flowbee" hair cutter that worked with vacuum cleaners?

The three points I mentioned are considering survival in business as well as all innovative activities geared toward creating something new and better than previous advances also.

Sure, I could end with all we have to do is think. But, no, I will end with all we have to do is think, act and generate all desired results productively to survive and thrive.

How to do small things in a great way by doing great things in a small way.

Good self management is nothing more than micro managing all the component parts until they are a working whole. It is said that the whole of something is only as good as the sum of its parts. That is realistically honest and true, except for this, that intention is the foundation of it all. If you do not have a good intention and work-ethic behind all of those parts, genuine failure is a reality. If you do have a good intention and persistence, then genuine success is a reality.

Sure, large sweeping moves without considering the small or micro parts of managing yourself may seem exciting. But you have to do the undesirable with the desirable and the "bitter" with the "sweet" in order to fully and succinctly get a desired result that is wanted. If we all just did what we liked, it would be genuine chaos in a sense because we are not considering the details of the success we want.

I did not feel like writing tonight, but I brought myself to do it. My point is, feel like it or not, what needs to be done, wants and needs to be done to succeed. Now that I have my writing flowing through me, I do feel like it, but before, I did not feel like it. When you can conquer yourself to let what you want to do come through you whether or not you initially feel like doing it, you have really conquered yourself in a positive way. For, what needs to be done, needs to be done, what is wanted is included.

The biggest genuine loser only does what is desirable, and does not include what needs to be done also in what they want. Effort includes everything, what needs to be done, what wants to be done and all or the climb is not just the mountain top, but it is the whole mountain.


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