Super Committee Has Seven Days Left To Save America

Alicia Badilla By Alicia Badilla, 17th Nov 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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The self imposed deadline of November 23 is just around the corner and the Super Committee is can investors make money on potential problems with the debt reduction agreement...

The Minimum Is Not Enough.

By A. Badilla Thursday 17, Nov 15:28 EST

Colin P. Fenton head of commodities research for JP Morgan mentioned his position a couple weeks ago during an interview with CNBC. He thinks that gold could skyrocket to $2,500 per ounce if the Super Committee comes back with just the minimum in cuts. Less than $1.5 trillion is the benchmark. He mentioned it again to Bloomberg in an interview on the 15th of November.

Gold is not the only investment that could be affected by a minimum in cuts. Another credit downgrade could be possible if US politicians can't agree in a timely manor. The global financial markets could spin out of control if compromises are not made.

US politicians have not been able to agree on anything recently and the probable outcome of this debate does not look good for the financial markets.

How can we as investors make money if there is some action in Gold?

In a previous Wiki article I authored titled "Breaking News: A Possible US Military Intervention Brewing" I outlined how to make money as Gold approached $1,900. The particular instrument I outlined was up as much as 12.5% within 2 1/2 weeks after publishing the article and still has the potential to perform big however on the 8th I hopped out of my previous positions at a small profit expecting a dip. The fundamentals on the trade have not changed and the brewing headlines with potential trouble with China are only going to help matters. We will try and re-position when the cash market hits around the $1,650 level. I suspect the US Debt issue could blow up around the 23rd so maybe we will wait to see how the market reacts because from where I am sitting Fiat Cash is not the place to be right now.

There are 3 reasons a gold trade could see some action by the third week of March.

1. Italian Debt
2. US Debt
3. US government creating diversion to distract Americans during elections from their economic problems. We are about to hear more and more about China very soon! And while Americans are concerned with a big problem like China, we may see some military action elsewhere...get ready.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
17th Nov 2011 (#)

I expect they'll cook up a war with Iran soon. Nothing like a war to feed the pockets of the lords of money.

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author avatar Alicia Badilla
21st Nov 2011 (#)

That's right Steve..Lords of War...Lords of $. Thanks for reading...

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