Studying economics

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This is about studying economics, why people need to know economics.

Studying economics

Do we need to study economics? Do we need to have knowledge on economics? What can we get from having knowledge on economics? Is this can help us?

Well, for me yes of course we need to study economics. Every courses needs to have an economic subjects, at least one or more because as far as i know, it is a part of our daily living. Knowledge in economics helps us to be a wise people, to be more careful, to learn and be active on what is going on in our life. When we are sleeping or waking up in the morning or just doing little things we already apply economics by just thinking on many things.

Having knowledge on economics will make us a better person, for example you are a student and you are renting bed space or a room. You can go home once a week, every Saturday, it required you to go home by your parents,. They gave you one thousand five hundred pesos weekly for your allowance. You will use it for your food and transportation back and port from school to boarding house. Friday comes, and you only have two hundred fifty in your pocket. Your friends ask you to go to the mall and eat to a fast food chains. What are you going to do? Well, for me say no to it, tell your friends that you will go with them next time because what you have is your two hundred bucks that you will used to go home and visit your family. What if your friends tell you that they will lend you? Again say "NO" to it, because as long as it is being borrowed you will need to pay for it for the next week.

What I’m trying to say is, you will be practical. And this is a simple sample of knowledge on economics. Sometimes we don't know but we are applying it to our daily living. There are lots of many things in life that really related to economics. Not just for business but also for our own goods and own purposes. It is a good subjects, we can understand what's going on in the economics of the country by just observing it if we just have a background on economics. We don't need to master it but at least we know some of the used of it. We can faced the world and think wisely all the time by being practical people.

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