Step Two For Starting a Business.

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Step Two is the one which is most often missed. Step two is easy-- or it is common sense.

Step Two: Vision

Step one is plan. Step two is vision. This is where you brainstorm your ideas for your new business. Not to plan what will go right...

But what will go wrong.

People don't pay their invoices. Money doesn't come in as fast as you wanted. You don't get the loan.

No you are not setting up for failure, rather you are envisioning how to defeat the setbacks.

Good Visions--- Bad Visions

Good Visions are when you see what might happen and how you will prepare both yourself and your new business for it.

An Example: the invoice which you sent 40 days ago still isn't paid. You can at least plan or envision what you can do for this. You can have some back up money, and have a means to get the other person to pay.

Bad Visions are when you don't think of the challenges that you can face realistically. In other words, you envision things not happening.

See above example: In this case, you were not prepared to do anything. You might not have the saving to cover your own bills. Then as a result you spend most of your time asking the person to pay this bill. You panic.

Should you Only Think Bad?

The simple answer: No.

You have to think of as many outcomes as possible, when you are writing and planning your business. This holds true if you write online, say with wikinut. You have to have a plan, and you can not simply let things slide.

This final example is me and wikinut. I admit I forgot about step two, because I didn't use a vision I didn't expect that I would have other things to do with my life. In other words I felt that wikinut would work well with what I had. This did not hold as true as I expected.

I was blindsided, and didn't know what to think. In other words, I didn't envision.

If you want success, join wikinut. Envision your business here as being possible.


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author avatar Delicia Powers
20th Jan 2012 (#)

Great tips, thank you...

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author avatar Denise O
22nd Jan 2012 (#)

Really good advice for those starting a business. I mean, this has to be key, just being realistic to all possibilities. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar ittech
25th Jan 2012 (#)

oh good to know this...:)

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author avatar ittech
20th Feb 2012 (#)

GR8 presentation

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author avatar ittech
20th Feb 2012 (#)

Wonderful piece of writing. This is mind-blowing stuff, my friend.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
2nd Feb 2014 (#)

I agree. I like what you've presented here. I wish it painted a more promising picture, but I appreciate the honesty. If you are still writing here, I hope you're seeing comments. If not, well, I wish you well.

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