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Instead of contemplating and estimating risk factors and wondering how to turn your web store visitors into paying buyers, here is what you need to read after breathing in for at least three times. YES, basically why we are sharing it is because of the very common chaos every bootstrap is dealing inside their mind and constantly trying to find a balance solution that would help them and let them have confidence that their business will not let them down at all.

Understanding Differences

Now here is what bothers most people specially to those who are non-technical, got some big digit investment but feels unsafe to risk all budget with no or wrong information – We are talking about major difference between starting an online store either over a e-commerce platforms that Google will list in front of you or website store that run and own by themselves. Among these two, what most of the time makes people lost their way is to own an online website store. Let’s break this term into three parts to understand it briefly.
Online, this store needs a space called domain where your whole website will stay and live and serve whoever is sitting online and knows your website address (domain) to access your store. The website, a website is commonly known as a web page(s) that is displayed or load under a single domain name. Store, Either Jewelry, Clothing, Tools or anything you are currently thinking to make good sales in. Some examples of popular online stores are Gap, Zara, and Boohoo etc.
On the other hand, we have online e-commerce platform(s) where all you have to do nothing but to pay them monthly charges for everything, monthly or yearly depending on packages, and sell your product through their platforms some common and big e-commerce names are Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.
In online e-commerce platforms, you have to pay for maintenance, building an online store (one-time payment), pay for logo design, and pay for banner designs and pay almost for everything. There is nothing you can avail free except very common things such as domain name (for which you have to pay later on to migrate somewhere else), Free hosting that already comes with cheap prices and also email addresses that comes with your domain name that normally come with domain name if you purchase from trusty website such as 1&1, Go Daddy etc.
Why Go For Own Website Store
On the other hand, if you approach Apprasoft that already is a leading mobile app Development Company in USA, for web store development then we will consult you from designing to development. Here we will build your very own store that is different from rest of the web stores hosting online with almost similar layout or web routine. This will give you a lifetime relief from paying for manageable things for no reason. This budget that these online e-commerce platforms ask for can be saved and spend according to the online marketing plan that you can get from Apprasoft that offers absolute and effective online strategy according to your needs.
The Final Choice:
However still the choice is yours, technically both a web store and online e-commerce platforms require a good understanding of some major technicalities but there is one thing that concerns online retailers most is managing an online store.
As mention above, e-commerce platform take charges that include online store maintenance, which means you, are paying for services your store might not currently need but you have to pay. Let’s have a look on your own online web store. Hire Apprasoft that not only build and known as app Development Company in USA as well as creative custom web Development Company. When we consult our clients we assess what they can do for their own product and how much help do they need from our side. After a complete assessment, here in Apprasoft, we develop custom web store that requires nearly zero technical skills and no rocket science to maintain an online store. You can now manage and update your store as easily as managing apps in your mobile phones.
Apprasoft design and develop Mobile Application, Custom Websites, and Game Application. With advanced tools and paramount experience offer development services for iPhone, Android and Windows app development with fascinating user interface and user experience.

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