Some tips for crisis

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...some tips for crisis...

Do you agree with these tips?
Can you suggest others?

...some tips for crisis...

Leaders within an organization must have a good production and philosophy. In a changing world they should be at the forefront, move quickly to meet consumer needs and now with the boom of social networks exploit new opportunities and markets. In that scenario the voice of product or service are the customers, who are constantly researching what they want.

it is important to know the consumer very well, observing the competition and vibrate the audience's emotions.

We must reach out to the customer creatively, no telling what the product is, but getting them to believe in him. As well as within the company, everyone believes in the essence and benefits of the product.

Likewise, the company must be prepared for change, adapting to new circumstances. The leaders of the organization the first thing they have to do is be willing to do self-examination and change what does not work in the background and respond to environmental and market demands.

Consider that business crisis does not exist, that there are new events and opportunities. So you should have mental flexibility and be willing to reinvent adapting to change, be innovative and creative.

Most companies have been major crises, some exceed them others do not. Why? Because they have adapted to the market and have been able to rethink, so the first thing to do is be willing to change, the criteria change at an incredible speed, who does not adapt will suffer much in the way

So, you can have some tips for crisis

1- Sse social networks efficiently.

The message on social networks is clear and changing. The voice of the product rests with the consumer, so naturally should reach customers. When it does go to the heart of people's, product will be more loved and suffer fewer consequences. So you should listen carefully to the consumer. Each social network has its language. If generalized you can fall into error.

2- Invest in training your staff.

It should invest in training people to become more competitive, everyone should have commitment and you have to create a pleasant working environment. In some organizations they live in an environment of fear, where the mistake is penalized. Where leaders are not prepared, they are not leaders but bosses

3- Businesses should work in all environments.

Organizations live in difficult environments. A company must operate in any weather: If it rains, if it's sunny, the economy is changeable in seasons. Companies need to move even if there is devaluation, even though the economy abate, even if there is low inflation, even if there are high interest rates. The innovation and adaptation should be a capacity to develop. Employers should be prepared to face it.

4- Recover from a bad image.

When the image is affected, either by the product or because it is considered best competition, you should hire an outside company to analyze well what's going on and use strategies, whether in social networks or media to generate more confidence.
Face it, sometimes we need help, not everything can be solved from within

5- Take the best ever.

If the company does not pass through its best, you should take advantage of the situation and ask how I can win something with this? It is good to invest in marketing, optimize processes, but it is better to learn from mistakes, and make great mistakes. Please understand that great mistakes are those which you can become better. of those that you can learn and improve yourself.

6- Learning of the most successful.

One strategy is to approach those who do well. Be willing to learn, training and personal training are very important. So you have to have self-knowledge and build alliances with whom there is sympathy and admiration. It should share knowledge, because no one comes alone.

7- Refined customer care.

Having refined attention to customers is important, the consumer values to be treated specially. Particularly in large companies. The most valuable thing is to keep customers happy, so we must be refined and made to feel important to the consumer to remain loyal.

8- Develop and adopt strategies for research, development and innovation.

All departments should be strong in research, development and innovation. Even if a company is small it should think big. So it will never break, because it can serve more customers in more efficient ways. The consumer is aspirational, so you should invest in research, innovation and design,innovation is a very powerful capability.

9. Strategic Planning.

Ask, always ask yourself: before, during and after the development of your products:
the product you are doing will be loved by people? Do they want it?, Do they need it?, Do they will need it?, what is its added value ?, why you're the best at what they do ?, how is it different from the competition? Such questions should be asked entrepreneurs to position themselves as market leaders

Such questions and many others must be made by the entrepreneurs to position themselves as market leaders.

Do you agree with these tips?
Can you suggest others?

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
11th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your article.

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author avatar Red Smith
12th Aug 2015 (#)

you're welcome Nancy!

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
13th Aug 2015 (#)

Reading tips is always cool ...

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author avatar Red Smith
13th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for reading Md Rezaul Karim!
See you...

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author avatar Retired
9th Sep 2015 (#)

This is almost alien to me ... in a way. I was trained in the 'helping professions' and worked as a counselor. The consumers were the people we sat in session with, but in a way, the customer was the state - the entity we had to hustle the funds from. 'Crisis intervention' is very important in all counselling and therapeutic situations, but I think we're talking about a different kind of crisis.
One thing I see in this that is a common denominator is that we always have to be willing to change, to adapt.

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author avatar Red Smith
12th Sep 2015 (#)

You are right nuñez, we should first agree on the definition of crises.... thanks a lot for your comment.... see you around

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