Some of the Best Charging Technologies

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Charging is now such an integral part of our daily lives. Almost all of us charge something every day; from our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Knowing what charging technologies are the most useful can aid you in having a better day, each day.

Power Banks

Power banks are a rapidly growing charging electronic and that's because it's a portable source of power that you can take with you anywhere. Not only that, there are many different kinds of power banks on the market to serve certain needs. They're basically battery chargers, but in this case, they're used to recharge your devices and have to eventually recharge themselves.

Mini Power Banks

Mini power banks are the among the most used type of power banks. This is because of their extremely small size. Mini power banks have low power capacities and that's what makes them able to be very small. It's with this small size that you're able to fit these kinds of power banks into your pocket and hold them in your hand.

With that said, small power banks with their low power capacities are only able to charge most smartphones about once or twice. In addition to that, there's not much else they can charge to full because other larger devices won't be able to get to their full power.

High Capacity Power Banks

High-Capacity power banks aren't nearly as used as Mini power banks and this is because of their larger size and heavier weight. With that said, these kinds of portable chargers are still very helpful because they have high power capacities that are able to charge devices multiple times over.

In addition to being able to charge devices multiple times over, these high capacity power banks also have lots of charging ports. Charging multiple devices isn't something new to the charging electronic areas, however, when it comes to charging multiple devices at once with a portable charger; that's when things get interesting.

Also, high capacity power banks usually make use of special charging techs like Quick Charge and USB-C. Those charging technologies are able to charge compatible devices at their max charging speeds.

Rugged Power Banks

Almost every electronic is fragile and by dropping it or getting water on a smartphone or power bank, they will most likely get damaged.

However, just like smartphones, some power banks are built to withstand falls and are also resistant to water. Most of these Rugged power banks are made to be used in the outdoors and it makes sense as that's where water and hard ground are most prevalent.

However, in a lot of ways, a Rugged power bank is going to be very useful for everyday use as well. This is because the threat of dropping a power bank and getting water on it are just as likely as it is in the wild.

Surge Protectors with Charging Ports

Surge Protectors are thought to be very useful for powering our appliances, and that's true. Although, now Surge Protectors are going to further with what they're capable of because now they have charging ports. Having charging ports with Surge Protectors is very helpful because there's no need to use a USB wall charger on your Surge Protector.

As a result, this avoids the chance of having a USB wall charger covering other AC Outlets and also you have all the AC Outlets free to use with an Appliance.

Surge Protectors with USB ports are also quite powerful because they're able to have each of their ports Output 2.4A and Max Output is high enough to use each port at its limit. Not only is that amazing, there are some Surge Protectors on the market that are able to have 6 ports and make use of special charging tech like Quick Charge.

Solar Chargers

Solar Energy is rapidly being implemented within a lot of technologies and this is because it's an endless amount of energy that can be very useful for a lot of powering requirements. In addition to that, Solar power is highly useful when it comes to charging.

According to Charger Harbor Solar chargers are one technology that makes use of Solar energy very well. This is because Solar chargers make use of multiple large Solar Panels that are able to take in as much light and convert that into power to charge your devices like smartphones and tablets.

With that said, Solar Chargers are going to be very useful when it comes to the Great Outdoors and this is because most of them have lots of Lanyard holes that you can use to attach to the back of your backpack. As a result, you're able to make use of Solar power that comes from the sun as your trekking on a mountain.

Not only is Solar technology implemented with Solar chargers, power banks are also able to use them. The thing with Solar power banks, though, is that the recharge Solar speed is quite slow and most of the time you're simply going to be using the Micro-USB Input recharge method even for Solar Power Banks.


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