Some Other Methods of Sales Promotion

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Even though, these methods differ in their ways on how to sell the items, they have the same intent and that is to sell.

Some Other Methods of Sales Promotion

There are many ways which are used by the merchants to sell their products. These ways however differ upon characteristics of the merchandise that is being sold, its value, its size and much more.

Besides advertising on televisions, radios, internet, newspapers, billboards and posters, there are however some other methods of promoting merchandise and services.

These methods are through the way of sampling, demonstrations, and exhibits, use of aisle tables, selling by the way of telephone, the house to house selling, and providing extra services and through the sales events.

Sampling is done in order for the customers to try the merchandise. It involves direct tasting of the product.

Demonstration is done to be able to know the “how to” of the items; “how it is use” of how it should be manipulated”.

Exhibits allow the merchandise to be shown to the public by displaying the merchandise together with the same products, highlighting it as well as sometime allowing the customers to handle the items.

The aisle tables are use in flea markets in which the merchandises are displayed in tables. This is only a temporary store in which the stalls are easily put up and removed. The uses of aisle tables are very much prominent in times when there are special occasions that take place.

Selling through the telephone is also use in order to sell products. This is usually done to the merchant’s own acquaintances or just through referrals by phone.

House to house selling involves selling the merchandise, door to door in different houses. With this method, merchants either bring or hand-carry their merchandise through pushcarts or just show their brochures to the customers.

Some other merchants provide other services to their customers, as extra when the customers purchase the product. This method promotes the product and motivates the customers in buying the merchandise. Things like free freight services for merchandise transport are just one of among the many examples.

Sales events are also use to promote the merchandise. This involves reducing the price of the merchandise in a given percentage in a certain occasions. These sales events are events like anniversary sales, inventory sales, Christmas sales and others. Although the products price are reduce, the number of products that are being sold increases.

Even though, these methods differ in their ways on how to sell the items, they have the same intent and that is to sell.

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