So You Want to Start-Up a Website Company, or Maybe Build a Personal Website

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So you want to build a website, or better yet, a website business. So where do you begin? With a Web Hosting Company, but which One!

Seven Types of Web Hosting

1. Shared
2. Reseller
3. Cloud
4. Virtual
5. Dedicated
6. Co-location
7. Self- Service

There are many "Free" web hosting providers some come with other services such as a package deal or a freebie, to say a Cable TV package or Satellite TV, Internet and Phone Service package and still other websites offer this to boost their traffic to their sites or draw you into their other services.

Remember just because it is "Free" or next to "Free". That you will always get what you pay for. I have heard and read about many who say they built a great site and then their provider went under or that they couldn't transfer their sites data to their new website because of odd programing or out dated programing. These "Free" sites are often incompatible with the receiving and new web hosting companies. So all that hard work and time is lost or useless. Todays Web Hosting Companies are very reasonable compared to years ago.

Best Ten Web Hosting Sites

4.Yahoo!Small Business
6.inmotion hosting
9.SuperGreen Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a Service that provides for you a way to maintain and house your many Files and their Programs, that make up your HTML pages, that make up your website and its view ability. It contains hundreds of thousands of file extensions, often it has a high end server or several high end servers and a network of additional servers to connect to the Internet 24/7 24hours a day and 7days a week, 365 days a year and year round.

This continuous service has become a very well honed and oiled machine. It is now easier to provide for the industry. Hence today, verses ten, five, and even two years ago, these web host's are many, many, more if not thousands more. And providers, are added daily, more so then in the past . And for this service niche, because of the advancements being made in these servers and their systems. Supply and Demand

Why do you need a Hosting site well the biggest reason was system space, back ups, and maintenance of the file systems them selfs. The High End part of a server today is the programs that run and maintain these file structures and when these programs mess up and they do, another back up server and system is in place, a redundancy fail safe!

These programs themselves are very costly, not to mention the Hardware and Technical staff and/or Consultants that understand and maintain them and their programming.

Also and some what important they are usually more reliable then home based servers and programs which there are some out their and I hope to some day have for my own website(s) Sever at home in in my control.

So the Cost, Skill and Knowledge, plus the time for a novice to learn and then maintain these systems and their server(s) would not leave them any time to create and manage their own sites. Plus with the kind of money it would take to start-up, maintain, and build one of todays large scale and compatible, Hosting Facilities, well that equals Big $$$. This would defeat the average individuals financial means and or budget or eat it up in a second.

What to Look for in a Host

Price and the best function ability, for that price, if you are brand new to website building and creation a free site builder, a WYSIWYG type of builder program, with templates that you can choose from and the ability to edit those that you do use.

You'll want included Free Unlimited Disk-Space, Band-Width, E-mail, the Domain and its registration included in this pricing. Set up of these to be free, and a Money Back offer is always nice. These Sites of today are very competitive, and very reasonable you will, depending on you knowledge and ability will also want an On-line 24 hour support feature, by Phone or by Chat Box, or by E-mail.

So support is a must have, because a website that is down is not earning! I am using for my second year now and they have gotten much better at providing support services, since my first year of service. So my guess is all the newbies are wanting this Support Service and are wanting it the most, above all the other features offered.

Other then Support, you'll want as many free and/or low cost services as you can get. Those that you think you might want or those you know you want. Such as help with Google Webmaster tools, a Verification Program, saying your site is secure and safe. Statistics programing, and the ability to use others Statistical programs and tools on your Host's site. So you will need the ability to change the site's code, to add and to subtract from and/or alter parts of your sites code.

A File Manger and the support to edit this code that makes up your site. Most hosts don't offer this support, but do provide the Manager program, but you can find forums and help sites for this code editing. You don't need much knowledge here, but it is always to your benefit to learn some simple HTML coding.

Disk-space you may not need Unlimited disk-space and if you know this you can go a little cheaper, but if you post Pictures and Media you are going to want unlimited disk-space and Band-width, because pictures and media, such as audio and video take up large portions of disk-space, plus they'll draw more traffic.

Plus the high traffic! So if you are a world wide distributor or a high traffic draw or have the potential to be, Unlimited band-with is a must, for your site. With out this ability of unlimited your site will not be able to handle it, and this influx it will stall or slow down your load times and you don't want this. So Unlimited Disk space for Site with many pages, pictures, and audio and/or video. For these types of sites Unlimited band-width and Unlimited Disk-space is a must.

If you are a ten page or less site with minimal traffic and you have been for years you don't need the extra expense of these unlimited features, but if you are high volume and high traffic site with lots of home based Media stores on and in your pages, it is a must or if you. If you ever plan to be one of these websites get these options now and learn what they do for you.

Shared Hosting

If you are just starting out you can use a site that shares it Hosting services with many other newbies from hundreds to thousands of others. I think it is the most economical of all hosting types. But always keep in mind your growth and the speed of your growth and the age of the Host. Watch them close if they look like they taking a fall step up, if your site success demands you to step up then do it without hesitations for even if it is telling you to step down, you should never go backwards! You should regroup, re-vamp, or just quit, because stepping down will lead you to this point anyway.

It is best to plan to go big in todays market, the price you pay today now, verses the price you'll pay tomorrow to convert if even possible, your site to a new type of site or to an upgraded site. Whoa! Always keep this key factor in mind and plan for it your sites Growth!. Always plan ahead in the website business, always it changes daily.

ipage, hostmonster, and my hosting company FatCow are the top shared hosting companies, these Sites give you all the top features at the best prices for these features and they are up and comers. So I plan to grow along with them hoping soon they will be a dedicated Hosting site as well as a shared hosting site.

I have not gone any further yet, in my discovery of the other types of sites. I have settled here, for this is where I am. I am at the start or the bottom rung in the ladder so I will learn here with them and as I grow, because this industry is always growing, evolving, and improving.

Remember where you are today, is the place to be, until there is a need to be some where else.


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author avatar Denise O
23rd Nov 2010 (#)

Good info. I'm interested in doing it but, not right now.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Sinbad the SailorMan
8th Dec 2010 (#)

Depending on what you are wanted to do with your writes and/or Business I would get a cheap host just to learn some of the web sites features and its pages functions, is very reasonable start up Host Thanks for the read and the comment, Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

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author avatar Greenfaol
15th Jan 2011 (#)

Great info, this is something I know nothing about. Really good article :D

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