Small Events in Life

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Although in our life all events are important, small events are more important than big events because our life is made of small events.

Small Events in Life

When Newton saw an apple falling to the ground, it was very small event for others, but for Newton it was an important and serious thing. Seeing this little incident he had given us theory of gravity without his theory, no significant progress could be made in science. Newton became successful after taking this small event seriously.

When James Watson had seen steam coming out from some utensil he had taken this event very seriously and he had invented steam engine. Numerous people had seen this event before Watson but nobody had taken this event seriously. James Watson became successful after this small event.

When Pasture was looking tiny germs through microscope keenly, his professor made fun of him and asked him why he was looking those tiny germs so seriously? But Pasture had given us theory of Pasteurization seeing these tiny germs.

There are numerous stories of scientist and great people who have taken small things and small events of life very seriously. When you read stories of great people you will find their life change with small events. Small events and things play an important role in your life so never ignore or avoid these small things and small events in your life.

For a lighter note, Sachin Tendulkar is a smaller player as far as the height is concerned but he had made world`s biggest record in cricket. Every discovery had been made by small events and small things so why are you and why are people are running after big things and big events? It all depends on your perspective and attitude. If you can learn from small events and small things of nature seriously like Newton, James Watson and Pasture did then you can also discover new things and new concepts in your life as well as for others.

Today people running after behind big events for motivation but you can be motivated by a small quote or by small things that can be near around you. How did Newton, James Watson and Pasture got motivation? Obviously the answer is, from small events and from small things. So never ever underestimate power or small incidents in your life and if you will try to learn from these events then you will also find new discoveries. If you want to be successful be cool and never avoid small and simple things of your life. According to Robin Sharma, “Simplicity is the trademark of genius.”

Behind the success story of every genius you will find small things and small event that changed their life forever.


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