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An introduction to small business marketing and getting your brand out there, including some top tips for building your own brand awareness campaign


Every small business owner knows – the first year is the hardest. It’s important to remember that not every business owner starts with the same level of financial investment either. If you’ve managed the workload, paperwork, extreme hours, financial deadlines and paved the way ahead for a pattern of healthy financial growth you’ve succeeded where many fail. It’s an incredible feat.

However it’s around this time that many businesses slip up. They think that they can ride on the financial success of their first year and rest on their laurels. Ultimately, this leads to stagnation. Business owners forget that the reason they became a success was because they innovated in one form or another and had an idea with a steady supply of demand behind it. Innovation isn’t necessarily reinventing the wheel. More simply put it’s a way for companies to find more creative ways to meet the needs of their customers and improve on pre-existing processes.

Now what’s the point in all this innovation, if you’re not telling people about it? Marketing your business is paramount to its success. Marketing doesn’t mean shelling out $5,000 a month to a third party agency either. There are thousands of tactics even the smallest companies can incorporate into a daily or weekly routine to boost revenue.

Here's how:

Get Creative

Every business is constantly changing - who could have known how prevalent the internet and social media would become ten or twenty years ago? We’ll cover social media in just a minute, but what other methods are there for marketing your business?

Marketing is always a case of understanding your audience and adapting your efforts to match them.

• Age Group
• Nationality
• Location
• Language
• Interests
• Devices they use

For a younger audience, what’s stopping you from streaming via Periscope or Meerkat? Are there any industry trade shows you can attend? Could you contact industry thought leaders and host a podcast or have them feature on your blog. Collaborate with another local business for cross promotion, e.g. “Thank you, Will’s Emporium for our new office kitchen supplies – we hope you enjoy our burgers at Thursday’s event!”

In the case of social media, why not share an album of your last office party? Full of pictures of those corporate cakes you had made with your logo printed upon the top. This is a particularly effective way to promote your business subtly. Don’t make the cakes the centerpiece of the image, rather something someone is holding at a corner of the shot.

Creativity knows no bounds. But again, it’s not about completely changing the game. If the Olympics are happening, could you host a competition? For instance, “In honour of the upcoming Olympics, take photos of yourself at sporting events! The winner will receive a fabulous prize”. Share it online, produce some branded images, incentivize customers to enter and share the competition with their friends.

Get Local

People love supporting local businesses when they can. Regardless of what you do as a company, getting your name out locally should be of upmost importance, as this is usually where the majority of your customers will come from.

A Google My Business page is a digital listing for your business which will show on Google Maps and in Google search results. The page can also serve as the primary review hub for your operations. Google+ users can add a review and up to five stars for the service you provide which will be displayed to everyone who finds your business on Google. There are over 40,000 Google search queries every second. If you’re not listed then you’re missing out on potentially thousands of customers. Not only is a Google My Business page a great means of organically displaying your business – it’s also a free one!

Ensure, when submitting your information that your business details are consistent across all of your digital documentation. This can be easily shortened to NAP (Name, Address, Phone number). It’s not uncommon for a change in address to occur, especially if you’re rapidly outgrowing your premises – if you haven’t updated these details online then how are your customers meant to find you?

Combine your presence as a local business with that of a virtual business by being active on Facebook and Twitter. You could even host a small event encouraging people to come along.

Get Social

There’s no point in using Facebook and Twitter just because everyone else is. There has to be a purpose to everything you do – your time is too precious to waste on useless processes. Social success is not the number of likes on your Facebook page or the number of Twitter followers you have. Some business owners even buy social followers. I’m telling you, with over 15 years’ experience in business that I would rather market my services online to one hundred engaged, interested and relevant customers than one million disinterested, irrelevant accounts that simply won’t convert.

The most successful social media presence comes from genuinely organic marketing.

• Share images of your happy, smiling workforce.
• Tweet a picture of your stall at a local festival.
• Create a post on Facebook letting your fans know that they can get a free coupon today if they tag their friends in the status.

Let your customers know what’s happening! Be genuine, be funny, be creative, be topical, use images and don’t force it. If the idea is there, they will come! They just need to know you’re there.

Make sure that your social media account details are consistent with those listed on Google.

Get Seasonal

Christmas, Easter, New Year, Halloween, Summer, Spring, Winter. They’re all excellent seasonal opportunities to get creative as a business.

• Have an ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater day at work and share it on social media.
• Host an Easter egg hunt where winners can get a brilliant prize.
• Take your operations to the beach for the day.
• Have an anniversary birthday event at a local venue with cake.
• Release a new seasonal product and promote it.

Be Transparent

Be forthcoming in your mistakes when they occur (and they WILL occur). Part of your marketing operation should revolve around building brand awareness and a solid trustworthy reputation. If you’ve made a mistake, in a big way, then address it, state the next steps that will be taken and clarify what will be done in future to prevent further instances of said mistake.

Honesty and transparency are great ways to build reputation and local rapport. Why should customers come to you over your competitors? What are your selling points? Building reputation will set you apart from the others and encourage those customers to come to you instead.


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