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To change the common things we are doing alongside with others, we have to switch thinking to the uncommon or just think illogical opposite what we have learned throughout our life.

The Common Things, The Habits We Can Change

To do the common things the common way, we can mention many, common thing I refer to as our habits, the daily way of living, the program we have in our subconscious mind.

The common things are the way we brush our teeth, the way we dress, it could be our regular coffee or tea, hmm what else, when we take the bus from the regular bus stop, and if we even go in details, if we have a car, the same leg we use to get into the car, you know the routines and might even the attitude we choose when we wake up.

So is there any recipe to change the common things, yes indeed? Try to change one thing, do the opposite or something else on the day, if we are used to open up the door the front door with the right and, go for the left hand, and instead of the coffee, take some tea.

Do the common thing or things in an uncommon way, and when doing that we then begin to think a little bit, give it a little thought, we start to shake things up a bit, so the programming we have in our subconscious mind will be challenged, and the possibility to unlearn what have been learned, can learn new things, because if we can unlearn what we have learned, then there is hope in just your mind and the person that sit next to you.

And when doing common things in the uncommon way, that’s what separates the amateurs from the pros.

When the day is over, lay down and reflect the victories of common things in the uncommon way.


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