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To step out from the crows and create new ways for others demands discipline

Leadership Takes Courage

What makes a person to a leader? A big difference is he listens to his people, and do not speak before the other is done. A leader knows his followers very well, a habit of listening much more and talking little, a leader knows the value of hearing others people’s views.

What makes the person to a great leader on the other hand? He or her steps on his or hers followers steps, which means to get them out of their comfortzone, and when they do that he shows them how things can be done, and take education more serious than a leader. The great leader is also the greatest follower because he follows his team’s actions and makes sure they show their best, and interacts with them on every level. The great leader is able to locate weaknesses and strong spots, so he or she knows where to take the ship so to speak.

We are equipped as you are aware of with two ears, two eyes and one tongue, which we should observe twice as much and listen twice as much as the followers.

Now there is a difference between listening and hearing, hearing is done with your ears, listening is done with feelings, so that, when you listen to someone as a leader and follower as you are, then you get emotionally involved with that person’s view and world, and can lead the person to a new level or the desired level.


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