Six Minutes - Leaving Others With The Impression Of Increase

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To make people return to get more finances, we have to give them more of value

To Look Upon The Value Added Services As An Increase

In business and in personal life everyone seeks impression of increase especially customers in business, and it is up to the consultant or salesperson in the specific business to give and leave the impression of increase. The one that of course has the contact would leave the customer with the great impression of here you can get more because we give more, we care for customers. It lies naturally in all of us to seek increase or growth, so if one person can give us more, then there is a higher chance we will go to that person and or business next time.

Now what I see as an impression of increase, that is to give someone something of greater value as they have come to me for, so if I sell them a product or just give them attention, I give them something more or increased or better service that will make people like me, and eventually come to me again. Now I sound like I need very much attention, and think of me as a totally more and better value than others. That I do not, my opinion is to get the experience myself, so that I can help others to do the same, so that we increase our game in the system or ourselves as value of others, and most important ourselves.

If I look at people I meet who stops me and asks etc. from a phone company, what subscription do I have on my phone? How much do I pay every month, because they can make it cheaper? Then I think of two things. The one thing I consider, what can they offer me of better service for the same amount or less, I realize people won’t do extra for less. The next thing is the competition, I see the benefit of people are joining a company a have less prices, but why do I need to pay less for something, I am going to use the money anyway.

So I look where can I leave people with increase and if someone asks me, then where can I get increase.


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