Shopping Malls

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This article is about Shopping Malls,the best reasons to set up a store and much more

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls have been around for decades now. They offer a convenience and a variety that did not exist before their creation. A shopping mall is a complex that houses dozens, or even hundreds of stores. Many cities have at least one; major cities have several. Often shopping malls contain a few major retailers and have numerous other stores throughout the complex. The stores are various in the products that are sold.

The most common type of store in shopping malls are clothing stores. Often there are also major department stores, usually of a higher end in terms of pricing. Premium retailers are also featured, as well as novelty stores, stores for children, jewelry stores, book stores, shoe stores, electronics retailers, and in some cases, movie theaters. The size and location will often determine what other features a particular shopping mall has.

One staple that is featured in virtually every shopping mall is the food court. In a specified area (again, depending on size) there are anywhere from half a dozen to fifty or even more miniature restaurants. Frequently the options available in the food court are smaller installations of chain restaurants, such as fast food places and pizza places. Many times there is at least one if not more exotic restaurant choices, featuring cuisine that is normally only had in standalone restaurants. Patrons for any of these food places congregate in a central dining area.

One of the best reasons to set up a store or a franchise inside shopping malls is an exposure to a wide consumer base. If a store is relatively unknown and placed next to a more recognized brand, it is quite possible to increase sales since it is sighted. People are often curious about new shops and will visit them, or may stop in since it is next to an intended destination.

Although the focus is mainly on the shops that are set inside the shopping mall, there are also smaller stands in the aisles that feature an array of products. Usually these tend to sell items like t-shirts, hair products, kiosks for cell phones, and other smaller items.

Some malls are monstrous constructions, containing hundreds of stores and features that would only be found in a carnival or amusement park. Yes, that's right. There are some that have rides like mini-rollercoasters in them. There are even a few that are large enough to have a hotel inside! You can shop all day, eat, stay the night, and wake up to do it all over again.

Aside from the business aspect, there is a social aspect to these places as well. Often groups of friends will meet up at the mall to hang out together, and new friendships and even relationships have developed just from being at the same place at the same time.

Although online shopping as become a huge industry, there is still something about going to a shopping mall. They are in and of themselves as much a part of popular culture as the stores that are featured inside. It is quite conceivable to say that they have been around for decades, and will continue to be around for decades to come.

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