Search Engine Optimization - Key steps to follow

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Some basic key steps to make your website rank good in all serach engines.Follow the steps correctly and reach a wider audience

Some Key steps for SEO

The first thought comes in your mind after creating a website is "whether my Website will come up with good Rank or not"?There is always a doubt for those
who are not familiar with Best SEO practice. Today Search Engines are like portable dictionary for anything or everything you can think of. If you have a word in your mind,
you simply Google it or Bing it and you get hell lot of things related to that small word or phrase.
Similarly you want your blog or website to come up with good rank for some relevant search terms otherwise you may not get unique visitors for your site.
Let's see what steps we can take to get high ranking and unique visitors for our website or blog.

The first important thing is to get your Site Indexed!
We think by creating heavy designs,nice use of flash,Dynamic database
could lead my site to high rank but its a myth,basically they are not HTML based codes so they require different kind of optimization.

There are innumerable ways to ensure whether your site is indexed to search engines with good positions. SEO techniques are not permanent,
they change with the changing algorithm of search engines.Yet there are some points to consider,that could always help in a positive way.

1)Use of Correct "Title Tag" :
Title Tag is the first impression of your website/blog when Search engine optimization is considered.
Search engine looks for the title tag of a page fist when the query is made and then the page relevant content is checked. It’s of utmost importance to have a descriptive title tag and meta tags.

2)Use of Keywords : Always keep in mind to use your keywords smartly.Use your keyword like its revolving around your niche. It should be used in a flow with the content rather than stuffing it in each sentence uselessly. Search engine may penalize heavy for it and you would be declared as spam.
So keep this in mind while sleeping also.

3)robots.txt file(robots exclusion file) : robots.txt file is a simple text file that is located inside root directory of the browser. It’s very important to have this file in your root directory because if
it's not found then the search spider may not crawl your site even. It’s of great power as with this file you can allow or disallow the search bots to index or not to index certain pages from your website/blog to search engines.

4)Get good back links : Backlinks are the simple and easy method to gain popularity for your websiteblog. It’s just a way to get noticed by more and more people and search engines.
The best way for backlinks is to go to blogs of same niche as yours and start posting comments. But FYI do not try to indulge your self in some tools like linkfarm or Drip feed that promise to give you thousands of links.
Search engines are clever enough and they will treat these links as SPAM and you may loose your ranking as well,so keep this in mind. Good quality links needs patience and time.

5)Let's be Social : Facebook and Twitter are the best social networking websites following which can widespread your website to a different level. Today is the time where just being social can make you even more popular. Now a days people can forget to
take meal but they can not afford to be active on these Networking websites. Just by being active with these Social networking sites you can spread your blog/website to a larger audience.

6)Use of Alt Attributes on Images : For SEO best practice, Use of Alt attribute to your image can be quite useful as adding a brief description to your image will add the relevance to the Page content and thus in a way can add up to the ranking part.
Also if somebody using Screen reader can understand your image very well.

7)Use of Title Attributes on links :Use of title Attributes on your link is always a good practice. They are usually used for image links but can be used for text links also. Always use descriptive text for your links. Just for an instance
read me or click here doesn't give any information about the link,instead use of "View More SEO Topics" gives a brief information what it could be.

8)Relevance of Content : Content of a blog/website plays a vital role in its ranking. You may have an awesome looking website with lot of efforts done on SEO techniques but if you have a poor quality Content, you are actually no where.
So it's mandatory to have a quality unique content for your blog/website. With the best content and SEO techniques mentioned you can boost your site up in all Search Engines with good rankings.


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