Scams , Fraud and Bastard Banks

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A review of scams, ripoffs and institutional fraud that separates us from our cash every day.

Scams , Fraud and Bastard Banks

Every facet of life has a scam attached to it. Whether you are buying a car, looking for work or buying a house, the scams are out there and prevalent. Banks scam people for cashiers checks at $10 a piece, employers post fake job ads to get the tax write offs and employers want you to 'invest' to work for them.

The car for sale scam can be found as a fake ebay ad. It always comes with a sob story about a death ,divorce or a husband away in the military. They show you a picture of a one year old Cadillac with low miles on it for $3000. All you have to do is set up a wire transfer from your bank account to pay for the shipping of the vehicle to you for you to inspect it and make your decision. Of course you can't drive to see the car and you cannot speak to the party selling it to you...E bay told me to forward all details of the ad to them, it is a scam.

The Financial Representative job scam to cash checks and deposit the funds into a companies account is also an overworked scam in the job market. These companies have professional looking websites and vague language about what they actually do which is difficult to determine even after reading it. They spare no expense explaining the legitimacy of the opportunities available to you. Of course, they are usually based in the UK or some other foreign country. I played along and they sent me three checks for $986, $1.100 and $1,072. My job was to cash these checks at my bank and deposit the money less a commission into their account. After expressing concern to them about the legitimacy of their company they pressed forward with the scam, explaining at length the legitimacy of the offer. That was all I needed to press forward and contact the Federal Trade Commission. Upon calling the bank the checks were written on they could not confirm the availability of funds, proving the scam.

Utility companies have their own hidden scams that must be adhered to if you want power and water. Our water company charges $65 if you don't use any water, bundling our bill with a private company and adding three other needless charges including unused irrigation, storm water, (which is existing infrastructure and covered with property taxes) and "water base" - which is typically more than the water usage charge. The late charge from FPL,(electric provider), went from 1.5% of your bill to a nice round $5.00. How gracious of them. Vehicle registration fees have easily doubled in the last 5 years and if you're one day late for a license renewal it's an extra $20...These are all institutional scams designed to milk us of the last of our cash.

Other service provider scams include being charged monthly billing after cell phone service is interrupted and a final bill is sent. Apparently ATT has changed our language acceptance of the word contract. Having an account that is not under contract does not mean it is not a "contracted account" thereby giving them the ability to continue charging monthly service fees three months after the service was interrupted and a final bill was sent. I remember being told by AOL several years back that I was "not allowed " to stop my service. There was no contract, they just could not believe or accept the fact that I was cancelling AOL in the new internet age of 1999 - 2000. Ask your cell phone provider to waive the FCC interconnect fee and they have to by law, it's a federal communications charge scam. A lot of the taxes are too. That is why it's so easy to get a bill adjustment. They all know it's a scam to see how much they can collect from you.

Next time you go to your doctor and he orders an MRI watch the gleam of greed in his eye. It is positively prevalent and noticeable. You have made his day. The insurance company will approve and his practice will profit from it. The level of scam is extenuated in the medical and insurance industry and will require me to write a book exclusively on this topic. Watch your health insurance rate up EVERY year, without fail. Watch it probably double this year. A total scam. ..but I stayed in shape, stayed healthy, didn't do anything wrong...too more - you're a year older. This scam is really played out on those aged 55 -65. Any actuary will tell you that the closer one gets to age 65, the less of a risk you are to health insurance companies because you will soon be on Medicare! What do the health insurance companies do? Charge you triple and quadruple of what they need to...because you're 'older' now... Another total scam.

Last but not least are the Bastard Banks. Fractional reserve banking is in and of itself a gigantic scam that few are aware of. The bank takes in $100 and loans out $1000, (conservatively). Which would not even be that bad if that was the extent of it. When Clinton dismantled Glass Stegall (a law that prevented banks from acting as 'investment houses'), it was the beginning of the end. The derivatives created made a 10:1 ratio look like child's play. Add to this the private banking cartel of the FED printing money and loaning it to the government at interest, attaching debt to all money printed, and you've got one of the biggest scams in the history of the planet. The vehement opposition of centralized banking all through the 1800's, culminating with the engineered Panic of 1907, resulting in the Reserve Banking Act (the FED), signed by Woodrow Wilson, (which he later regretted), was by far the biggest scam of all time. It aint federal and it aint a reserve. It's private property, listed in the White Pages. Ask yourself why the creators of the banking act (the leading private bankers of the day), met in secret on Jeklyll Island in 1913 and insisted on complete anonymity. And why were they so terrified of being found out? Because, according to their written transcripts, "...If it were to be exposed publicly that our particular group had gotten together and written a banking bill, that bill would have no chance whatever of passage by Congress.."

All other scams pale in comparison, except for war, which is precipitated by bankers. Lincoln issued Greenbacks. People loved it, he got shot in the head. Kennedy re-issued the Silver Certificate. He got shot in the head. Maybe I should shut up. Or invest in kevlar head gear.

My Favorite ! - for all you educated types out there, a William and Mary article..


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
9th Apr 2013 (#)

marvellous this..filled with most valuable information about base scams by base people..thank you Zarathruster

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author avatar Reni Sentana-Ries
11th Apr 2013 (#)

You have a great understanding of what lies central to this world's problems. I wish more people would understand how the banksters rip them off as well as all our governments, just because we, the public, let them get away with it. And behind closed doors they sneer at us and call us "idiots" for letting them do it to us.

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