Save Money And Optimize Your Resources With An Integrated Workplace Management System

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The IWMS integrates a variety of disciplines into a single database for an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the collaboration of different members across the organization.

Areas Of Use For An Integrated Workplace Management System

An integrated workplace management system (IWMS) is a software platform used to manage a real estate portfolio which incorporates all of the buildings and other assets into a single system that allows managers to optimize the effectiveness of all. The goal of businesses is to use all of their assets to achieve maximum functionality while reducing their costs. The IWMS integrates a variety of disciplines into a single database for an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the collaboration of different members across the organization.

The cost of owning and managing real estate and the facilities on it is a significant portion of overall costs for the majority of companies. IWMS help managers reduce these costs while simultaneously making the businesses more productive. In addition to saving money and increasing productivity, the right system can also improve customer satisfaction by making all of the processes and transactions of the business more efficient.

Many types of businesses can benefit from implementing an IWMS, including real estate businesses and any multi-facility organization with properties spread over a wide geographical area. You can review the feature and benefit of modern system at here. It will provide them with an easy access system to perform:

• Maintenance planning and control

• Space management

• Project management

• Real estate portfolio management

• Sustainability

Not only is the property manager provided with the tools needed to manage all components of the property and facilities, representatives from every discipline are interconnected so that there is unity of processes and each person and department throughout the organization is informed of changes almost instantly.

Real Estate and Lease Management

Many businesses consider integrated workplace management system is the most significant solution for planning and managing their real estate portfolio. It allows them to manage properties, assets, and the people whose time and energy is vital to their operation. Deep functionality is essential for any organization looking to manage a portfolio of properties throughout their life-cycle and to reduce the cost of occupancy.

Facilities and Space Management

Managing the space available in your facilities efficiently requires a multi-faceted approach. Depending on the way that you currently use the space and the equipment that is accessed within it will have a significant impact on the best layout within the space available.

The integrated workplace management system will analyze the space available in your facility and determine where there are under-utilized spaces available. Distinguishing between those areas needed for passage and to operate equipment in contrast to areas that are unused but which can be better utilized is one way that companies can optimize their space. The system will consider all possible scenarios to determine which use of your space will best align the workplace with the business goals you want to accomplish.

Not only will a good integrated workplace management system help you determine the best use of your space for the projects you are pursuing today; it will also help you in forecasting the space you will need for future projects and growth. Instead of relying on your predictions of future growth, the IWMS can do so with accuracy and provide dependable results. Compare the efficiency of the projected space changes and the current arrangement to determine the benefits the changes can make in your efficiency and costs.

Maintenance Management

Virtually all businesses require regular preventive maintenance to prevent irreparable damage to equipment and to keep all the assets in the facility operating at their potential. Real estate businesses and those organizations with multiple facilities have an even greater demand to provide the regular maintenance that will keep equipment operational. An integrated workplace management system provides solutions to businesses that have large demands in preventive maintenance and repair. An integrated workplace management system improves the preventive maintenance process and accountability, allowing managers to integrate work order management and inventory management as well. It reduces cost and eliminates waste.

Project Management

Designing and developing new facilities implements all areas of management that are typically managed with the integrated workplace management system. Using the system to plan the new facility will ensure the objectives of your new building will implement key objectives during the planning while meeting compliance in every facet of the process.

Environmental Sustainability

Real estate and facility managers have an increasing need for an IWMS that addresses the need for environmental sustainability. An effective IWMS is essential for them to meet the organization’s sustainability goals. Today more than ever, facilities managers have a responsibility to address the environmental aspects of the facilities they manage. More buildings are being designed and built with conservation of energy and other natural resources in mind while also striving to make the as high-performing as possible.

Energy management takes place during the entire life-cycle of any facility. It begins with the design and construction, through the materials used and the systems put in place. It also continues through the ways the building is used long after the construction process has been completed. The benefits of sustainable design include savings of natural resources and costs of the company. The IWMS can track the building performance in real time and reduce environmental risk. Better functionality is achieved when there is a central repository where all data is stored and every aspect of the process is analyzed according to the needs of the company and the guidelines and regulations that apply.

Many experts agree that an integrated workplace management system is the most essential solution for all types and sizes of businesses that rely on efficient planning and managing of their real estate, assets, and employees. Although these systems are not new and there are many versions available on the market today, finding the right solution to address every area of concern is the only way companies can get the comprehensive data and solutions needed to optimize their facilities management. A top-notch integrated workplace management system will increase your real estate effectiveness and reduce the cost of occupancy with a more accurate and detailed system that brings all of your data into one convenient central location.


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