Sales Technique: How to Seal a Deal

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There is no magic words to guarantee sales. Studies shows 60% of the successful deals are closed in fifth attempt. Knowledge of tactful techniques incorporated with different sales techniques will have you higher chances of sealing the deal and going home with a contract.

Discover the customer needs

You must start helping customers identify their needs. Then demonstrate your product and picture how your product can help solving their problems. This will cement foundation in closing your deal.

Showing that you understand your customer need is good. But how do say it well? It's never a good idea to tell customers "I know how you feel right now, but you really shouldn’t because …. " Instead, say, “I can understand why you’d feel that way. Let’s see what we can do now.”

Share your opinion

Have you tried your product? The better way to sell the product is that you yourself can testify about the effectiveness and neccessities of what you are selling. Don't forget to ask for you customer's opinion. If your customer answer is no, in fact it is his opinion. You can properly address his concerns.

Price Objections

Your prospect may have truckloads of objections and price objection is always present. It is inevitable the customer will show price resistance. How good are you in dealing when the customer says "Your prices are too high." How do you respond? In absence of true value differential, most of the seller reduce prices. There is a potent technique that will make the prospect immediately appreciate the value of what you offer without harming your margins. Get the prospect to see the value of the solution and you put it in financial terms, you get much less resistance on the price.

Closing questions

If the customer is asking for price, deliver of other features, you can respond " If I can do that for you today, will you sign the purchase order?"
In asking question however, avoid cliche question such as "What do I need to do for you to biy this product?" Those kind of questions can sound like harrassment and high-pressure sales tactics and can turn down you deal.

Through series of proper questions, it builds the customer desires and eliminates the objection to purchase.

Be careful on answering customer questions like "Does it comes in blue? Answer it with a question " Do you want it in Blue?". This will help you measure their depth of interest amd may help you adjust your presentation.

You can ask "It is what you are looking for?" If the client say yes, this could seal your deal. You could ask this question after you have spent time explaining features and benefits of the products.

Make the offer final

Utilizing some techniques that will give a sense of urgency will accelerate the decision-making process in the minds of the prospective clients. Give them offer that is hard to refuse, you may say "If you buy this week, you'll get a 10% discount, so you'll save xx dollars every year per item that you buy "If you buy this week, you'll get a 10% discount, so you'll save xx dollars every year per item that you buy now."


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