Reforming our education system while creating jobs

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This article is about reforming our school system and creating jobs here in America.

Education reform

With technology, we are able to raise the standard of everyday life. There is a strong foothold already established in the realm of technology that is embedded in the core of our society today. With that said, NEO-LINK SYSTEM LLC sees the need to bring new designs into a huge market with enormous potentials. The Market sizes are as followed there’s 14.4 Million College Students 3.1 million in graduate school. There are over 16 million High School students. According to CNN
* We are ranked #79 in elementary enrollment,
* % of College Grads in developed countries, we are # 12.
* Our 15 year olds are ranked #19 in math and #24 in science.
* More then 25% of our children are dropping out of High School.

We need to change and reverse this unhealthy trend if as a country, we truly desire to win the future and be able to compete in the global market. It is NEO-LINK SYSTEM LLC’s dream to see a computer based educational system in every classroom in the United States and then, eventually, through out the world.

We can change our education system and make it better so that our future can collectively shine brighter. I have a patent for a Computer Based Educational System and with my invention we will be able to provide the highest quality of education possible to all student’s across the board, while raising the standard and the expectations of achievements of our students. To establish this System, I am willing to work closely with the Federal and State government as well as with the Teachers and the Teacher's Unions.

By changing the current system and making these changes, we may be able to ultimately reduce the price of education and saving each State hundreds of billions of dollars in the long term because they will no longer have to purchase books made of paper due to the fact that everything will be handled electronically. There would be no longer be a need to purchase things such as papers, books, pens, pencils, staples, chalks, eraser, Copiers, toners and libraries even may be turned into extra classrooms.

The paperless route makes sense because it can help accomplish our goals here at home and abroad. By going paperless in the realm of education, we would ultimately reduce our carbon footprints, save more trees and create millions of jobs in America in the process. I want to manufacture my products right here in America. So many jobs have left our country and the only thing that can reverse the trend we are on is to build and manufacture new products that not only we need but something that the world have been waiting for. My name is Jerry Jean and I am the CEO of NEO-LINK SYSTEM LLC and I'm here to help.


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Hello my name is Jerry Jean and I have 2 provisional patents and my inventions may be able to reform our education system. I also have an invention that may eliminate identity theft also. I have big i

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1st Jun 2011 (#)

Yes this is a subject of much discussion on the wiki. Sounds like you may have a piece of the puzzle. Thanks for sharing.

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