Re-inventing Your Income

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Several companies have literarily varnished into the void from the corporate landscape or merged with another bigger or smaller to stay in the marketplace. Both individual and corporate bodies need to innovate or re-invent to stay relevant in the marketplace today. This article is an eye-opener..

Re-inventing Your Income

Where the world economy is heading toward to in the future require multiple tool kits to stay on top of your game and make you be flushed with unlimited money. The greatest challenge of the future is going to be set of people who have hype school Certificate without satisfaction. This will happen because the global economy in the future will soon lift from system stability and predictability into utopia instability.

Every new skill, ability, talent, discovery or evolution in information and computer technology will lead to unprecedented change either negative or positive. This is so because the 21st Century celebrates knowledge and knowledge workers. This way many are going to lose their jobs as result of being irrelevance to the much need skill or knowledge network that is the prevailing culture in both workplaces and marketplaces respectively.

The best way to beat the curve of change is to be ahead of the change itself by becoming flexible in the adaptation of new skills and prevailing knowledge paradigm reality at the moment. This inevitably demand consistent update of one’s’ ‘tool kit” or “tool box” to continuously stay relevant to the moment reality. It is very important to note that just a blip in the radar of technology or say computer technology will cause a worker’s set of skills or relevance to expire with the obsolete technology.

Corporate entities will go all out continuously to shop for new set of Talents or skilled workers to keep their market share and be on top of the curve of competition of the day in their particular brand or market category. This means more people will continue to lose their jobs daily and even some systems or rather firms will either be swallowed up by the bigger companies or merge to form formidable alliance to secure a comfortable share of their market brand. Already this has started in small versions as merger campaigns in the first decade of the Millennium. Several companies have literarily varnished into the void from the corporate landscape or merged with another bigger or smaller to stay in the marketplace.

This is already jumping to the sky the total overhead cost of production and as well as the retail prices of commodities and services markets respectively. Conversely, workers both private and corporate setting are already enjoying themselves serving in various rotational roles in the organization. Somehow this is far easier for large companies like conglomerates than very minor firms in their startup phase. Not all CEOs or entities will be willing enough or have the financial muscle to train and retrain staffs all the time to vary with trend of change in the marketplace. This means many will downsize staffs to upsize profit in the long run as the only desperate means for survival in the Blue Ocean Waters. This will be extremely fatal for job seekers and the global economy at large.

If nothing is done to checkmate this debilitating trend on time it will give birth to new world order in the corporate pavilion of two kinds of companies or institutions as:
a) Extremely rich company
b) Extremely poor companies
By implication, the middleclass in the corporate setting will invariable be wiped away with the flood waters of knowledge, skill or talent revolution.

Now, consequent upon this imminent challenge of competition for the future, companies both small, medium and very large companies are paying attention on capacity of each prospective staff or employed staff in their Team. What certificate one bring to the table of any company is not enough to guarantee a job or employment, but what capacities one has stuffed up in his curriculum vitae. Your curriculum must of necessity be crammed up with stuffs like innovative skills, talents, vocational experience, specialized knowledge or unique expertise that can be tapped by your company or employer without necessarily looking up elsewhere to get such an extra prize or employment of a new staff.


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