Quantity Supermarket provides us with quite a quantity of stuff for years to come

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Have you ever walked into a supermarket and had to deal with everything you see having to come home with you - for free!!! Hooray!! I mean... oh no, the business crashed.

Quantity Supermarket provides us with quite a quantity of stuff for years to come

Father had some stake or other in a big supermarket in Hushwater mining town, called Quantity Supermarket. But it seems lately business wasn't good, and so Father decided to close the place down.

And one Friday, Mother brings Elmarie and I to this supermarket. It has closed down, but it is still filled to the brim with stock. Something needs to be done with it, so Mother came to see what can be done with it all.

It sure is a heck of a lot of stuff. She orders Elmarie and I to go in and plunder. Anything we can take home with us now, needs to come.

Wow, I think, as I stand before the aisles. I can have anything I want from this store? That's an odd feeling you don't get every day!

Well, let's start plundering.

Whatever shall I take?

At first, I'm so overwhelmed, I feel like taking nothing much. After all, why drown yourself in material things?

But it seems as soon as you start having a good look and starting with a few items, you soon see more things you believe you shall have use for.

And so, I take a double paraffin (kerosene) stove. I could use this in my shepherd's dwelling. A bucket is always useful. And a dinosaur magazine. Well, soon things start to flow and I get myself some good stuff.

Mother sees use for all the household items, like the washing powders and cleaning products etc. If we can get this all home, we won't have to buy these things to keep the household clean for many years to come.

Unfortunately we're not here with a suitable car. Mother decides we'll come back the next day with a bakkie (truck) or something like that, that we can load stuff on. Maybe some help too.

And so, the next day, our shopping spree starts. A shopping spree that we do without paying for all the stuff. Weird.

Well, for the next months, if not many years to come depending on the rate at which we use things, we will not need to buy any more washing powder, matches, fabric softener, tea, soap, gift wrapping paper, shampoo, window washing liquid, toys and whatnot.

Mother gives a lot of it away, and shoves the rest in an outside kitchen we have on Tower Hills. It shall serve as the storage for all the things that remain.

Harrison and I of course went crazy with the candy. I took one of the cleaning buckets and loaded it with as much candybars and candyboxes and whatnot as possible.

I took my bucket of candy to my art studio. Here I munch on all the candy while I work.

A year later, the bucket is still not empty. It seems as much as a sweet tooth I have, even I can't devour a bucket of candy in a year. Just a small box or two of Smarties a day is enough to satisfy my hunger for sweets.

It's heaven!

Well I'll probably become diabetic or really fat or something, but candy is delicious and must be eaten! It's so delicious... yum yum yum yum yum!!! I never thought I'd have enough candy. I always thought candy is something that I'd never have enough of to eat until I don't feel like eating it any more, but now, I've been blessed with a bucketful of candy.

Candy candy candy!!! Candy candy!!!!! Candy candy candy candy candy!!!! Yeah. Candy.

I love chocolates but I also eat all of the other candy.

I love candy.

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