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This hub cites the importance of public markets, malls, restaurants and other eateries. Public places with foods and other important facilities for people who are in business away from home.

Invitation to visit Tagum City

Readers are cordially invited to take interest and visit someday Tagum City in relation with the establishment of its modern market and shopping facilities aside from other socio-economic structures. Dubbed City of Golden Opportunities, Tagum City is a modern-day strategic and important growth center in southeastern Mindanao. Located in Davao Region, it is the second first-class city, next to Davao City. With first class paved roads built strategically, Tagum City which is headed by Mayor Rey T. Uy and Vice Mayor Allan L. Rellon, boosts of 8 shopping malls.
Source: Tagum City Hall Billboard /

Importance of markets and malls

Markets of various types the world over are perhaps the most frequented places by peoples of all walks in life. The reasons are quite obvious:

  • When people's stomach are empty or feel the necessity of refilling their stocks of food back home the concept of market flashed in their mind. Akin to refilling gas to an empty car tank, people's aching stomach because of hunger cannot be told to wait. It's nature's call that will result in adverse consequences if not administered the correct remedy at the precise moment. That is the very reason why people go to the restaurant in the market to eat food or buy and carry some home for replenishment of the near-empty stockpile of food, beverage, etc. in the refrigerator;
  • Markets must be the epitome of order and cleanliness. They must be painted or repainted when already showing signs of aged and discolourment;
  • Their smell must be pleasant and positively inviting to the sensibilities of the eating public;
  • Besides meeting the expectations of the general public when it comes to food, cakes, dishes, menu and other delicacies, eating places in the market must be free from all sorts of germ-carrying pests and insects like the cockroach, the flies and the rodents.
  • Foods must be securely covered to keep them safe and free from dust, houseflies and other disease-carrying agents;
  • Men and women involved in the upkeep and maintenance of markets play a big role in protecting and safeguarding the people's health . How safe the food we eat in the market is lay in the hands of these food operators.

Source: / Vienna residents, visitors and tourists have access to a ton of shopping options, including one of the best flea markets in Europe — the Flohmarkt — with plenty of gems hidden among


  • One very important institution that planners and technocrats have come to think of and build is the market. Where will you go when you have no cooked food at home? Where will we get our fresh supply of foodstuff, canned goods, beverage, vegetables, fruits, clothes, shoes, etc when we ran short of them.
  • One very clear advantage of buying commodities in the market is the fact that almost all our needs are found in the market. The question of where to shop is already a big headache in a place where there's no market.
  • Where can you purchase the most reasonable prices of goods and other foodstuff? Of course, it is in the market because bananas, for instance, of different varieties are aplenty there and at competitive prices. From the pile of bananas in the stall, we have the option to select the best at a bargain price because of market competition.

Source: Mercato Centrale di Livorno, Italy : LACASAPARK /

Public Markets

P - ublic places for trade and commerce where
U - nending queues of harried wives and maids are waiting to
B - uy daily supply of fish, food and other goods arranged along
L - ines of stalls where hawkers of voices hoarse derived profit for themselves and
I - ncome as well for the government in the form of fees and
C - harges which are very vital for implementation of public utilities.

M - arket, a truly delightful place where an
A - valanche of foodstuff abound at affordable prices including
R - eady-to-wear trousers, shirts, blouses and skirts for
K - nights and ladies of modern vintage and for
E - veryone regardless of age, color and creed who fail not to
T - rade and patronize public market.
S - ee you again my clients dear, my portals are always open. Bye! Bye!

Author: Nicanor C. Radomes, 44 BLISS, Brgy. Canlapwas, Catbalogan City, Samar

Source: As early as 1970, General Santos City has been tagged as the “Tuna Capital of the Philippines” /

National Public Market Week

In the Philippines, the government had recognized and paid tribute to the institutionalization of markets in the entire republic. By virtue of Proclamation No. 175 signed by the then President Fidel V. Ramos, every 3rd week of May of every year was declared National Public Market Week.
I believe the proclamation above may likewise have a global impact on the premise that the world at large may come to embrace the realization of the true value and import markets and malls may have on humankind.
Source: Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila /

Source: youtube for video

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Well deserved star Pare and interesting as well too. This post exceed all the details in its information.

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15th Nov 2014 (#)

I love looking round markets and flea markets. They are always interesting.

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Well written, N C Radomes - good that we have a variety of places to shop for our essentials. Flea markets prove a treasure trove too - siva

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N.C. Radomes, Great article! I love the way you presented this and the pictures are wonderful.

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Your first topic about Tagum is refreshing..I admire the blooming city far from its suburban roots. After the creation of COMVAL province Tagum gain more prominence and better local governance. i just wish above to shopping malls the city adapt and develop eco tourism to atract more visitors.

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STEVE. thanks for moderating and considering this article worthy under the star page.
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SAIGON, your positive view and suggestion for Tagum to develop ecotourism is appreciated.

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