Psychology of Shopping

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The pleasure of shopping is to buy something. The psychology of shopping is to sell everything from the market. The shopkeeper wants to sell his all things so he want to take benefit of this mentality.

Psychology of Shopping

I like shopping do you like? The pleasure of shopping is to but something but not to use this thing. When woman goes to market than they buy things because these things are present in the market or we can say that these things are for sale. Everything which is purchased from the market may be useful or not means this thing which is purchased from the market for very important work and when we come back home we cannot say that it is useful or not.

According to a survey in England, every woman has near about 22 new ideas or list of things for shopping. Every woman creates a new plan to go for shopping. You can test it yourself as if you want to go to market than you can say to her that lets go for shopping I want to buy something than she will say that ok I am ready but I will not purchase anything. When you come back your neighbor have lots of things into her bag.

We all know that when anybody gives us a gift than this gift is very meaningful and useful for him but it is nothing for you or you can say that it is only for the wardrobe or showcase. Is it possible that one woman can like a gift which is purchased by another woman?

If you don't have money in your pocket it is another side of the story but according to survey the thing which is purchased by yourself can be useless when you come back home.

Marketiyer know everything so they hike the price and advertisement of that type of things. They sell that thing which is not necessary for you for very high price.

Lots of purses, perfumes, skirts, jeans, sweaters and lots of other things seem useless after purchased. Women from England spend near about 20 million pounds per year upon the cloths that are useless after shopping.

But it is fact that the pleasure of shopping is equal to the pleasure of movie or like a picnic. It is only for the time of shopping not for after that. The pleasure of shopping is meaningless and you can not define in the words. The pleasure of showoff the purchased things is also important part of the life that can be taken after come back home from shopping.

For this pleasure all the departmental stores use the luxury, best lighting best music and best location. These days they are spending lots of money to decorate their stores. They use hire managers, handsome boys or beautiful girls and the result we all know, lots of shopping and lots of money.

According to new life style and new trends shopkeepers are now know that it is not necessary that their stores should be full but this is important that their stores should be according to new trends. Now they sell the stuff that is hot in the market and easy to sell. So when a woman enters in the shop shy can easily understand that the shop kipper is more intelligent than she so she buy all things easily. When she comes back to home she realizes that this thing is not suitable for her status.


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14th Jan 2014 (#)

Shop till you drop - comes to my mind! Better to buy what you need now so that we are not sorry after the event! siva

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