Prospects of the Milkfish Industry

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Milkfish( Chanos chanos) In the Philippines it is called in the dialect as "Bangus." the country's national fish. It is very delicious and a rich source of protein. Every ordinary man love to eat because of its palatability cooked in different ways. It is a thriving business opportunity and easy to raise. It can be cultured in inland waters and open lakes and coves(closed shorelines) they compete with tilapia in terms of culture method, culture practices and a source of protein.

Prospects of the Milkfish Industry

Prospects of the Milkfish Industry

The ideal aqua product to culture nowadays is milkfish. Considering its demand in the local market. Besides this specie is easier to culture and disease resistant as compared to prawn which is expensive to raise. Here in Mindanao milkfish commands a higher price compared to tilapia even though they have the same parameters, ways and means on how to raise them. Bangus being a national fish ( for filipinos of course ) is a source of protein and staple food in every filipino’s dining table. The color of its body makes the fish palatable in every serving be it served grilled, stewed with vegetable (tinola) or vinegar (paksiw) or salad (kinilaw). I remember during the early 70s this fish is less in demand considering the massive tiny threatening bones that when you make mistake in eating you gonna end up in the clinic and if so in the hospital for the doctor to take away the painful bone that pierced to your throat. But we have the boneless bangus (deboned) presented in butterfly(open).
English: Daing na bangus.

English: Daing na bangus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)ed) served fried presented in butterfly style(open).

But what really wonders me is the way it is presented smoked cured. Someday somehow people here will learn how to do it the smoked way. I tasted that in Manila and is serve in fine restaurants. Now it is being exported eventually to US and Middle East. So milkfish (bangus) has already gone a long way by now.

Fishfarming Investment

“give man a fish and you feed him for a day;
teach man how to fish and you feed him for life.”

Milkfish culture has gone a long long way already. It can be cultured now in open lakes and seas with good typhoon protection like hidden coves. You can build fish pens and floating cages through this new method of bangus culture. There are good locations here in Mindanao for this method. The return of investment is quite high and promising. The payback period ranges from 3-3.5 years.
So it won’t take long that every filipino can have fish food on their tables and food sustainability will be a reality.(horton25)


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