Power Of Decision Making

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Decision making is part of our daily living, effective decisions results into success that is why it is important to develop good decision making skills

Power Of Decision Making

Every single day we live we are faced with a lot of choices to make, So we always decide on the right choices we have to make. Life is as a result of decisions that we make. We are born due to the decisions that our parents made. We live the way live because we have decided so live that way, even the status of our lives is as a result of our own decisions. If you make wrong decisions you might end up in wrong places and face some bad consequences. We make decisions in everything that we do. This morning when we woke up we decided what to wear, what to eat and so on and so forth. At the work place we are also faced with decisions to make. Some people make decisions which cost them a lot . That is why it is important to learn some decision making techniques. Before we can look at the things that can help us to make the right decisions let’s first look at things which hinders decision making.
1. Indecisiveness. Indecisiveness is as a result of double mindedness, when you are double minded over something it becomes very difficult to decide on something. To avoid double mindedness it is important to be focused and know what is right for you.
2. Procrastination. This hinders decision making because some people tries to wait for the perfect moment before they can decided on something. In life a perfect moment never comes, in fact there is no such thing as perfect moment; there is only what you want and what you don’t want. Some people procrastinate because of fear of the unknown.
Let’s now look at things that can help us to make the right decisions:
1. Know what you want: If you know what you want and what is right for you, then it’s easy to make decisions.
2. Weigh to outcome of your decision. Before making a decision it important to see beyond the present and look at the consequences of the decision you are about to make. Every decision has the positive and the negative side, so before deciding on anything you have to look at both sides of your decision.
3. Courage: if you are to make the right decision it’s important to be courageous enough, if you are fearful it’s difficult to decide.
4. Right Focus: if your mind is always wondering it becomes difficult to make right decisions.
Whatever choices you will face today remember to make the right decision, there’s power in the decisions that you make, so always make the right ones.


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