Perfecting Your Professional Image

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Building a profession image is important in business, learn how you can build a better image and secure better opportunities.

Perfecting Your Professional Image

It is the facts that within the first 30 seconds that you meet someone they form an opinion about you, hence the saying “people address you the way you are dressed” . The opinion, that people form about others, services or products is what is known as impression and it is said that first impression is the lasting one. Whenever people see a person, service or a product they immediately form a certain personal judgment and grade that person, service or product. That is why it is very important to invest in creating value and perfecting professional image. Now this impression that people have about others, services or products is based on the following things;
1. 55% is about the looks.
2. 38% is your presentation, voice and body language, this include packaging.
3. 7 % is based on what you have to say or the service or product itself.
Basing on these statistical facts we can deduce that perfecting your professional image can get you 93% of the way to making a positive first impression and unlocking the door to personal success or breaking through a certain market. In any career or it’s important to perfect professional image. The success of any business is largely determined by the image, that which the business has created. That is why branding plays a vital role in influencing people to buy your services or products. In this article I will talk about the importance of perfecting professional imaging and the power of branding. It’s a reality that people’s
buying power is much influenced by the impression they posses over a certain service or product. In other ways people don’t just buy services or products they buy a name or should I say a brand. Some brands even become synonymous of the product or service itself. If you build a positive image the following things are likely to happen.
1. People will have confidence in you, your services or product.
2. People will advertise your services or product.
3. People will place high value on your service or product.
4. Your service or product will become people’s preference.
5. Your service or product beats the market competition.
These are some of the major reasons why someone has to prefect professional image of oneself, service or products. Branding is the only way of beating high competition in any market.
Now let’s look at some of the things that might help you to perfect a professional image and make you to be ahead of all your competitors.
1. Set the standard of your services or products.
2. Be consistant with the set values and standards.
3. Constantly perfect you services or product.


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3rd Mar 2014 (#)

I enjoyed reading this article.Thanks for this informative post.

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4th Mar 2014 (#)

Very interesting and excellent read as well!

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7th May 2014 (#)

Quite an educating article.

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