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Inviting and recruiting more members into your MLM business seems to be a battle especially when you are new in this field. You need more knowledge on how to unlock the secrets of MLM industry therefore, you should study the different strategies that professional use for the last few years.

Useful Strategies to Earn More from Multi Level Marketing

1. Learn To Reach Out. You have many advantages in this area if you have contacts online. Use your social network and list at least a hundred names of people to communicate with. If you ran out of contacts, try looking in your phone directory to check familiar names that aren’t using social networks. Make a category of professions and list their names according to each category.

2. Brief Interview. Ask direct questions from them while talking in person or by a phone call. Prepare a list of questions before you do anything in that way you will not think of what to ask during your interview. During your interview, mark your list of questions for you to know how to rate that interview, you will also know if you are wasting your time or you will continue communicating with him in the future. Your prepared questions should answer this guideline:
*Know if this is the right time to talk to this person. Ask about their schedule to save more time.
*If you are talking to the right person
*If he is looking for an extra income?

*Be sure that you are not wasting your time.
3. Control The Conversation. Not everyone you talk to is your close friend, you can always use your copy whenever you are on the phone. Make a script or copy of the things you want to say during your conversation. Study and memorize your script, you will never know when will someone calls you back after the brief interview. Do not forget the list of your categories, you have to make a list of questions and your script according to each category.
If someone calls you back or someone asked for a second meeting, you have to ask enough questions to your prospect to know if he is really interested and serious. There are many questions available for you to ask, prepare each questions according to your brief interview to them. These are samples that you can also use:
*What are you looking for?
*Ask if he is looking for a home-based business?
*Have you tried other home-based business before?
*Are you currently employed?
*Are you open to new ideas?
*Do you have any experience in MLM?
*Do you want to have a business of your own?
*Do you want to earn as much as what you earn from your job?
*How many hours a week/month you are willing to give to your business if you found the best opportunity for you?
*If you are going to review or study our company’s strategies and you are satisfied about it, you might as well earn the total amount of .
*To start seeing your business prosper, are you willing to invest ?
You have read some samples but you do not have to ask this all to your prospect. Pick at least four to five questions to control the conversation easily. During interviews, you should always record your prospects answer in each of your questions.


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