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Things that online credit shopping platforms don't tell you upfront & things that you failed to learn.

Busy bees

In this time & age, where people are often too busy to do their real shopping. A lot of us go online & browse things that we need, right? Only to be disappointed in the end. Besides, having an account in a certain companies, also help us build our credit standing, right? What caused me to write this? It is due to the fact that since I have been there & received a lot of complaints everyday from customers who are not satisfied with the outcome of their account. What I did is also done a research on the site itself. Lately, I have been struggling between writing this & not to write about it. But shedding some enlightment finally won its battle.

Unsatisfactory Items

After purchasing the item. paying the downpayment. Finally, the item you have anticipated have arrived, horray to this! You excitedly opened the box & to your dismay, the item you have been looking forward to is not the same as the one one you have received. It could be broken? Not working properly? Not the items you ordered? What can you do about this? Here are few things that you have to do:

1. Each time you ordered & received them, you must remember to look for the return label included in the box. There is always one in every item that you purchased online, in case, the item needs to be returned.
2. Notify the company. Call their Customer Service regarding this matter & tell them that you are sending the item back to them. Provide the reference # or the transaction # when you send the item back. This can help you save time. Remember, this may take a while, at some point, this may take a month as they also have to return the merchandise to the manufacturer to be replaced & to be send back to you.
3. Item not received. Call Customer Service and notify them that the item that was supposed to be delivered to you was not received. Verify your correct shipping address.

Bills! Bills! Bills!

Now, we know how to deal with the usual problem that we might encounter when ordering online. How about the bills that was now reflecting on our account? & aside from that you are receiving calls coming from them, to inform you that there are outstanding balance that has to be covered. Quite frustrating, right? What has to be done?

1. Once you receive a call, inform the Billing Department that the item was returned. Do not expect upfront that the collecting officers knows the problem. As they are not allowed to just open any customers account. Most companies use automatic diallers & it is only then that your account can be opened.
2. In order for this to be tagged & documented as a returned item, you have to provide the reference # once again & the date when you have sent it back to them.
3. Pay the minimum payment, if you have purchased an item prior to the returned one. This is one easy way to keep the account from accumulating late fees, interest charges & days of delinquencies.

Personal Problems

You are piously paying your bills but then again, just like anybody else in the planet, you are also not immune to certain problems that may arise during your transactions with any companies like Unemployment, Cut working hours, Health Issues, & Bereavement. Some people find this things frustrating, deppressing, it felt like you are shouldering all the problems in the world & while being at this situation, you are still receiving calls. Most mistakes that customers do is to avoid the calls, be too angry to talk with over the phone, using profanity, slamming the phone or not letting the collecting officer talk. What can you do about this certain situation?

1. Receive the call & talk to the collecting officer. State the reason why you are failing to meet your dues. collecting officers understands the situations that you are going through as they also have to deal with their own bills, right?
2. Stay on the line. What most customers does not know is that there are special payments plans that companies have which they can offer during times of hardships. (Health issues, Unemployment, number of working hours being cut).
3. Ask the collecting officer if there is a payment plan where you can pay your dues in a much smaller amount until you can get back on track.
3. Bereavement. Call Customer Service or the collection department if there are deaths in your family (as this can help to temporarily stop the call) or the customer had passed away. Provide them the date of death (in case it's the customer) & ask where to send the death certificate.

Keeping your account in good standing

We have come to the point where we have to maintain a good standing, in order to accumulate good credit score, as well. There are things that we have to know too, things that we must pay attention to keep it that way. But then again, there are also questions that customers have when you get to talk to them. Like why they are receiving calls when they have already paid their dues? Every now & then, you will receive calls from collecting officers. This is not to harrass you or force you to pay. As I have mentioned earlier, most companies use automatic dialler & with this system, your account will be put in the dialler each time there's a new bill being generated in the account. So, what can you do about this?

1. Set your account to an automatic payment. This is done by drafting each payment on an agreed upon date between the collecting agent & the customer.
2. Make sure that the fund will be available before the given date. Most agents mistake is their failure to mention that most payments are being drafted by the system as early as 12:01 onwards. So, for example, you due date is on the 20th, you have to make the payment available on the 19th.
3. Pay it on time. Missing a single payment in some companies means being removed from the automatic payments. This is one of the most misunderstood fact by most customers about automatic payments. So, you have to make it clear with the collecting agent.
4. Online Payments. If you are in doubt & does not want to be enrolled, all you have to do is to call the billing department & inform them that you have already made a payment as this will not be posted real time on your account. In that way, they can suppress the calls & document that payment has been made.
5. New bill generated in the account. If your due date falls every 20th most likely a new bill will be generated in your account on the 24th. There's always a 4 days cycle between your due date & your next bill.
6. Over draft. If you are in fear of having your cards or your cheques over-drafted. All you have to do when you receive a call is to ask if you are still enrolled in automatic payments or if the payment you have made online go through. If not? Call your bank & ask or verify why it did not. If you are using cards, make sure to just leave minumum payment that you have to cover. Never make double transactions

Hope this things can help a lot of people out there. Yes, collecting officers understand what customer has to go through sometimes. But customers also have to know that they have to work along side them to have a win-win situation. Hope this can enlighten some questions that most of us have. Happy reading!


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